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You should be at home placidly vegetating as a banker's clerk or--or--"
Several distinguished doctors have remonstrated against the influence of this second nature, both savage and civilized, on the moral being vegetating in those dreadful pens called bureaus, where the sun seldom penetrates, where thoughts are tied down to occupations like that of horses who turn a crank and who, poor beasts, yawn distressingly and die quickly.
But he had only to go and stay a little while in Petersburg, in the circle there in which he moved, where people lived--really lived--instead of vegetating as in Moscow, and all such ideas vanished and melted away at once, like wax before the fire.
In the venerable suburb--it was a suburb once--of Clerkenwell, towards that part of its confines which is nearest to the Charter House, and in one of those cool, shady Streets, of which a few, widely scattered and dispersed, yet remain in such old parts of the metropolis,--each tenement quietly vegetating like an ancient citizen who long ago retired from business, and dozing on in its infirmity until in course of time it tumbles down, and is replaced by some extravagant young heir, flaunting in stucco and ornamental work, and all the vanities of modern days,--in this quarter, and in a street of this description, the business of the present chapter lies.
At least wait enough to make their While guests of Her Majesty are somewhat restricted in their movements, it's confidently assumed that Palin's accompanying book is housed in prison libraries (which enable, by the way, prisoners to keep up to 12 titles in his/her cell at anyone time) for rehabilitation purposes since, as Twain concluded, 'charitable views of men [cannot] be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime'.