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Sampling Procedure and Measurements: In each quadrat, vegetative shoot density and reproductive shoot density were measured respectively.
decumbens pastures fertilized with nitrogen, reported a change in the number of vegetative tillers with fertilization on the pastures deferred for 116 days, concluding that the stimulation from the nitrogen fertilization was compensated by the long duration of the deferment period of the pasture.
Previous studies have shown that functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans can uncover awareness in apparently vegetative patients.
She was in a coma for several weeks and had been thought to be in a persistent vegetative state.
Patients treated with amantadine tended to have more rapid recovery, compared with those treated with placebo, regardless of whether they were diagnosed in a vegetative state or a minimally conscious state at enrollment.
The waiver also allows for the burning of vegetative waste resulting from the storms "as long as it is burned on the property where it originated.
The apex court said though there is no statutory provision for withdrawing life support system from a person in permanently vegetative state, it was of the view that "passive euthanasia" could be permissible in certain cases for which it laid down guidelines and cast the responsibility on high courts to take decisions on pleas for mercy killings.
Plant phenology was also recorded at each sampling date in which percent of plants in vegetative, flowering, seeding and seedfall stages were calculated.
USACE, under assignment by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will oversee reduction and transport of all vegetative debris for disposal.
Before addressing any of the benefits and challenges of vegetative roofs, it is important to identify their components.
It can be concluded that at flowering stage, the plant body is under natural stress and at that time level of tested polyphenols raises as compared to their level at a foliar stage when the plant is developing and acquiring its vegetative peak.
MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have advised farmers to save mango from frost to support plants pass through the dormancy period properly and avoid vegetative growth upon reaching flower stage.