vehement speech

See: harangue
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Sometimes he would burst out into vehement speech, "If I could ha' done anything to save her--if my bearing anything would ha' done any good.
In a vehement speech to the nation this evening he dug his heels in and vowed to continue the fight against all armed groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Naqshbandia (a Sufi/Sunni group) and the Bthists.
Early, who shied away from the spotlight, drew national media coverage with a vehement speech on the House floor criticizing House Ethics Committee members who had singled out 22 congressmen, including Mr.
A teacher can certainly say that students will notice that singing, when it is "right," feels very much like vehement speech, that their bodies, while singing properly, might recognize the feel of "emergency level speech.