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I looked, and down came Sagramor riding again, with his dust brushed off and is veil nicely re-arranged.
Rochester: "but what did you find in the veil besides its embroidery?
Four men," said the landlord, "riding a la jineta, with lances and bucklers, and all with black veils, and with them there is a woman in white on a side-saddle, whose face is also veiled, and two attendants on foot.
Yet perhaps the pale-faced congregation was almost as fearful a sight to the minister, as his black veil to them.
Gradually, however, the conviction came upon me that I could, by a certain concentration of thought, think the veil away, and so get a glimpse of the mysterious face--as to which the two questions, "is she pretty?
I would not tell you what is behind the black veil for the world
Noticeable features, of a Jewish cast--worn and haggard, but still preserving their grandeur of form--were visible through her veil.
On the rough carpenter's table near him lies a strange object to be left in such a place--a woman's veil.
The one remarkable person, the Countess herself, only raised her veil at the beginning of the ceremony, and presented nothing in her plain dress that was worth a second look.
You can just see, perhaps, that I have a very large and very thick veil on my head.
And I want to ask you, Anne, dearie, if you think it would be all right to wear a veil with a navy blue dress.
The subject of these remarks was a slumbering figure, so muffled in shawl and cloak, that it would have been matter of impossibility to guess at its sex but for a brown beaver bonnet and green veil which ornamented the head, and which, having been crushed and flattened, for two hundred and fifty miles, in that particular angle of the vehicle from which the lady's snores now proceeded, presented an appearance sufficiently ludicrous to have moved less risible muscles than those of John Browdie's ruddy face.