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Although women's conversion to Islam is a starting premise in our research, the primary focus of our work is on the practice of wearing hijab and on its impact on the interviewees' self-development and identity formation while being Muslim veiled women in Romania.
One of the activists supported veiled presenters and agreed that they had been subjected to discrimination yet held them partly accountable for their condition.
3) I will not allow my wife and children to be driven by a veiled taxi driver.
With revolutionary poetry spewing out of their mouths, her veiled women are more than just mute ghosts.
101-102) To prove this hypothesis, the author presents a number of carte-de-visite photographs of veiled North African or Middle Eastern women made by French photographers as evidence of the widespread interest in the colonies during the era of French imperialistic rule.
Unveiled women may capture our first glance, but veiled ones capture our curiosity.
Schools could determine whether to accept veiled students or not.
Recently when I paid for petrol, a veiled lady was doing the same.
In reply to Geoffrey Bulmer (It's Not Such a Thinly Veiled Threat, 12.
MAUREEN Messent refers to those who feel threatened by veiled women as a "white-skinned mob" (Mail, October 20).
Women should be allowed to wear what they like but pupils who find it difficult to understand a veiled adult also have a right to a good education.
no problem A veiled Muslim woman; teaching assistant Aishah Azmi, who has been suspended by Kirklees Council for wearing a veil in class says there have been no complaints from parents