veiled remark

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It wasn't so much a veiled remark as it was an upfront attack on my skirting boards and door frames.
Jesse Watters making a thinly veiled remark about how Ivanka holds a microphone is sure to help FOXNews' PR department on sexual harassment," tweeted Eric Schmeltzer, a PR consultant.
In a veiled remark against China and North Korea, Abe, who is considered a hawk on foreign policy, said: "Unlike four years ago.
In line with the same hostile and critical attitude, she passed veiled remarks, describing the instant court decision discriminatory.
Mr Thomas's little comments may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but seeing the sexism women in politics face his veiled remarks made me pretty furious.
But that did not stop Modi from making veiled remarks against the UPA government that, according to him, had failed to provide basic needs to the people.
Ahmadinejad told students in veiled remarks at the University of Havana that Iran was being "punished" for no good reason.
In veiled remarks that often presage a move by the U.
These veiled remarks did cause some nervousness among company veterans.
The only sour notes yesterday were thinly veiled remarks about another dodgy Edgbaston Test pitch.