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Of course, this is not the first case of its type, as forced veiling is practised by some schools in Upper Egypt and by parents against their daughters.
It is remarkable that veiling continues to capture the attention of scholars and lay folk, filling many academic and popular publication pages.
A visible marker of religious identity, the hijab (6) and the practice of veiling in general is an all-encompassing metaphor of Islam.
4) Yet, according to French authorities, the number of women wearing full-face veiling is growing in France; most of them are young, two-thirds of them are French citizens, and around a quarter of them are converts (The Economist 2010).
This is particularly true of veiling in cultures hostile to it: "[The veil] is a mark of inner strength, courage, and faith precisely because it is so misunderstood.
Chapter two counterpoints the argument that veiling has a protective function, meaning that it is the best way to ward off men's advances.
Scott unfolds excellent and detailed analyses of the construction of the citizen in the French nation state, of French racism and Algeria, and of the prominent news events in the French veiling controversy.
The book is divided into three sections: The first examines veiling's relationship to religion, the second focuses on the veil and sensuality, the third looks at the sociopolitical dimensions of veiling.
Kessler's next chapter investigates the veiling apparent in Manet's portrayals of Berthe Morisot.
Islam does not oblige women to be veiled; rather, veiling was introduced into Yemeni society as a fashion by the Ottoman Empire, with high-class women wearing it.
I have heard Muslim women questioned on whether they are forced to veil by their husbands or fathers; if they agree that to cover the face conceals emotions, putting others at a disadvantage; and, since the Koran does not require veiling, do they feel that to do so is to fulfil a religious obligation?
We need to step back from the easy association of linking the veiling of women with the control of women.