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They all decried the venality and inequality, warning shrilly about the "social volcano" that was about to explode unless something drastic, or radical, was done about it.
Ataka is the creation of Volen Siderov, who first attracted a public following with a television programme of the same name, in which he blamed many of Bulgaria's ills on its ethnic-Turkish minority, its large Roma community and the corruption and venality of mainstream politicians.
of California-San Diego) explores how philosophy has dealt with the question of money and venality, a question he points out as one of the essential aspects of the conflict between Plato and the Sophists.
In spite of this, the introduction of venality in 1692 flattered the egos and honour of the magistrates and they became used to the notion of privilege.
Now that the mendacious venality of former Labour cabinet ministers and MPs has been exposed, we really do need a representative in the Commons who works and lives in the real world and who is deeply rooted in and committed to the Colne Valley constituency and its people.
McCarthy and director John Hillcoat portray this kind of soul-eating venality as the natural outcome of our current values competition and the obsession with private self-interest.
The venality of some of those in whom the public put its trust is no secret.
It is not about the venality so brazenly on display in the movie.
So age, what if all this leading leads to more venality jerking the jerk
A large part of the problem exists around the fact that low-benefit procedures, are performed for some fear of litigation, some out of venality, some demanded by importunate patient, and some representing the mindless repetition of established routine; "that's the way we do things here.
The soldiers and Marines interviewed in Collateral Damage describe the venality of a war fought largely out of view of journalists and television cameras exposing the consequences of the war that the American government has unleashed in Iraq.
Auditors of the European Commission have refused to sign off its accounts for the 14th successive year because they are so mired in mismanagement, corruption, venality and fraud.