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VENAL. Something that is bought. The term is generally applied in a bad sense; as, a venal office is an office which has been purchased.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It has only recently come to light that Sir Brooke Boothby also wrote Venality, a poem of 962 lines which severely satirizes English parliamentary procedures at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century.
And is a study of registration and venality alone sufficient to conclude that the parlements themselves had lost all weapons of resistance?
Abraam becomes a significant character for the lay brigata; with his native intelligence he discerns the Holy Spirit at work, despite the obvious clerical venality. But what does Emilia's argument imply about the moral effectiveness of the mendicant exempla, if they fail to acc ount for the audience's emotional lives, their interests and desires?
I was struck with all of the RooseveltClinton parallels, particularly the mendacity, manipulation, and venality. Until I read your piece, I didn't realize the level of Clinton's interest and involvement in the FDR memorial.
"There is a love of venality and physical beauty in Hollywood.
At least we can be grateful that we no longer live in the era of the Red Scare with its cowardliness, venality, and violence.
The final chapter muses on Africa's new breed of leaders, from Nelson Mandela onwards, who carry the hopes for a future free of the venality and brutality that have characterised many of the dinosaur-leaders' grip on power.
He then composed two ambitious historical dramas in verse--Elizabeth the Queen (1930) and Mary of Scotland (1933)--and his humorous Pulitzer Prize-winning prose satire, Both Your Houses (1933), an attack on venality in the U.S.
But rather than being furious at being duped, Charlie longs for Bender's vision and receives an important lesson about success in America: "never let mere scruples stand in your way." By aiming his satire at the early stages of consumerism and mass-marketing, Boyle points to the simple venality at the heart of our corporatized culture.
The astounding thing here is that after all the tranquil reports of baroque financial chicanery throughout Ronald Reagan's sojourn in office, it is now Democrats, Jewish financiers and black politicians who are associated most keenly in the public mind with venality, despite the latest indications that former Housing Secretary Samuel Pierce arranged for enormous consulting fees from a HUD program to be paid to Republicans such as James Watt and Paul Manafort.
In Arrowsmith , often considered his best work, he attacked the venality and pettiness that impede the search for scientific truth.
Let them inherit an Africa far freer from the inequality, corruption, and venality which characterize too many of its governments.