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In spite of this, the introduction of venality in 1692 flattered the egos and honour of the magistrates and they became used to the notion of privilege.
Venality was not unknown among local elders, but decisions were predictable and swift.
The failure of imagination and complacency involved here by Nigeria's leaders has been criminal--distracted as they are by their venality, incompetence, and ethnic chauvinism.
Now that the mendacious venality of former Labour cabinet ministers and MPs has been exposed, we really do need a representative in the Commons who works and lives in the real world and who is deeply rooted in and committed to the Colne Valley constituency and its people.
McCarthy and director John Hillcoat portray this kind of soul-eating venality as the natural outcome of our current values competition and the obsession with private self-interest.
The venality of some of those in whom the public put its trust is no secret.
The Catholic Church, at least, has come to the conclusion that venality just doesn't work.
Abbas, who is endorsed by Western powers, urged Fatah to mark a "new beginning" and work to redeem its record of venality and poor governance and recapture electoral support.
It's hard, much harder than understanding the plot twists of an investment bank's demise, to grasp the full measure of greed and venality involved in Main Street's predatory behavior toward Wall Street.
I wonder if some of the venality and thuggery of the Jacobean court may not have survived in the Caroline one, and whether, under a mask of elegance, there is not a greater robustness in Van Dyck's work for his British patrons than his national hagiography sometimes suggests?
Having happily armed and encouraged the mujahideen as they fought the Soviet-backed Communists, whose efforts to liberate women were met by mujahideen murders of women who took part in public life, the Americans showed little concern about Northern Alliance misogyny, brutality, or venality.
It is not about the venality so brazenly on display in the movie.