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VENDITION. A sale; the act of selling.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Deputy excise and taxation commissioner ( Gurugram east) Aruna Singh said, " On December 15, 2016, Supreme Court ordered to measure liquor vends falling under 500 meters from national and state highways.
Service Vend have also confirmed that future versions of the vending machine will take further measures to appeal to Welsh residents, including incorporating bilingual electronic display screens.
"We are very satisfied with this year's Eu'Vend & Coffeena," said Karl-Heinz Blum, board spokesman of German Vending Association (BDV).
A new take on the traditional toilet vending machine, the Trendy Vend offers lipgloss, hairspray and comb, deodorant, eyeliner, concealer and Party Feet for sale between pounds 2-4.
Adolescents are the heaviest snackers, obtaining 25% to 40% of energy from snack foods.|9-11~ While the contribution vended snack calories make to the total diet varies by gender, age, and income, caloric intake of vended snacks for some youth has become a sufficiently significant part of the diet to merit investigation.
Currently, refrigerated foods account for 92.5% of the total vended foods market.
State governments in Haryana and Punjab are gearing up to shift the highway vends to comply with the apex court ruling.
Currently, refrigerated foods claim 92.5% of the total vended foods market.
It considers those vending machines that dispense candies or snacks or confections, office coffee services (OCS), ice cream, vended food, beverages, manual food services, tobacco, and others.
“But some of the best names in quality vended foods and beverages simply weren't available locally.
Covering 55,000 vending machines in total in the Danish market, the main activity of vending is to provide solutions to offices as free vends. Retail vending in non-captive environments only accounts for 25% of all vending machines in Denmark, when the machines are located in public buildings, at universities and train stations.