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Reacting on this, Anand Sharma said, "Government is doing vendetta against Ex-Finance Minister.
Speaking on the development, the state Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr Yemi Olowolabi, described the allegation against the governor as unfounded, saying, 'the governor is too busy with developmental projects and programmes for the people of the state than to engage in political vendetta.
Iyong ginawa nila kay Arroyo, iyon ang political vendetta kasi walang kasong inihain laban sa kanya.
24m units of Vendetta for total consideration of CDN 362,000 (USD 281,132).
This is pure political vendetta coming out of the PM's office.
Pinoy Vendetta said the law's online libel provision is questionable.
Another source said: "There is no vendetta against anyone in this case, period.
However, he denied making up the allegations to get Hayes into trouble, adding: "I don't have a vendetta.
Talking over telephone from Sadiqabad Nisar Chandio has also said that his wife had been killed over political vendetta, while he also pledged his constant never-ending loyalty to PML-N, saying that he was willing to sacrifice even his children for PML-N.
In a statement issued by his office, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, he added that "the parliament endorsed its trust in the work of the Commission, so it will continue its work", but added that "the follow-up against its official will take a vendetta inclination".
As I have previously stated, Anglo has been pursuing a vendetta against me and my family.
The new Vendetta bow-mounted rangefinder from Leupold eliminates that confusion by allowing you to range at full draw (from 10-70 yards), with no added movement, simply by pressing a button mounted on the front of the bow's grip, if the target is moving, just hold the button down for continuous, on-the-fly readings until you are ready to make the shot.