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Seller; an individual who transfers property for sale; merchant; retail dealer; supplier.

The term vendor is frequently used in reference to an individual who sells real property.

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n. a seller, particularly of real property.

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a person who sells something; a seller.
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VENDOR, contracts. A seller. (q.v.) One who disposes of a thing in consideration of money. Vide Purchaser; Seller.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In an interview with Nampa, City Policy, Sergeant Steven Hailonga said the vendors blocked the road, stopping cars from passing by and as law enforcement are there to keep order by removing the vendors from the road.
If clauses are added to vendor contracts that vendors need to take action around, make sure there is a consistent way to follow up with the vendor and take action if necessary (including terminating the relationship).
When contacted, an official of the district accounts office said: 'We are issuing stamp papers to vendors after receiving them from the national office in Karachi.
This is called a "triangular setoff." Taking the example, in this situation a vendor is owed $100 for goods sold on credit to its customer, but the vendor separately owes $100 to the customers affiliate.
Vendors are often perceived as, and in fact may be, a soft target compared to an insurance company.
Having a policy--and following it when vendors are engaged--is never enough to demonstrate sound vendor management.
* How long has the vendor been providing mobile banking services for financial institutions?
Processes and Tools: C-level executives will play a greater role in vendor relationship management in the future, particularly with strategic and innovative vendors.
Vendors have created record profits for mortgage field service companies, so it's time to invest in the financial success of vendors instead of technology and other smokescreens to hide the root of the quality problem.
During the Gala Dinner, the excitement really builds as distributors select the winning vendors through the live electronic vote, and the vendor executives present perform the same task to determine the winning distributors," he concluded.
In previous Shop Talk columns we have discussed the idea of performance-based vendor selection: making vendors win your business by building thin-slice solutions called scripted demos and by submitting to a proof-of-concept to finally convince you that what you saw during the selection process was real and there is no "wizard behind the curtain."
* If your policy contains a vendors' endorsement, the vendor may be an insured under the policy in its own right.