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As with most dental restorations, veneers are not permanent and may someday need replacement.
Sevuk C, Gur H, Akkayan B (2002) Fabrication of one-piece all-ceramic coronal post and laminate veneer restoration: a clinical report.
While we acknowledged that the outer layer covered a higher quality base material than was the case with some other veneered furniture, we considered that the "oak wrap", in effect, functioned as a veneer.
On top of quality products, ProCoat Systems sells to leading contractors in the industry that can guarantee the installation of your veneer is up to par with the high quality of the products.
Veneer grading is determined not so much by the presence as by the extent of the wood's imperfections.
The structural wood frames for the veneered components are CNC machined then matched with the veneer and bonded together in a giant press.
Though the porcelain veneer is fragile, it is strong when bonded to tooth
You'll need a veneer tool (Photo 6) to apply adequate pressure for a good bond.
To manufacture the 3D veneer for the moulded chair, sliced or rotary cut wood veneer is cut into small strips.
Sliced bamboo veneer is a new type of high-grade decorative material, which was adopted due to the rising prices of raw materials and increasingly intense market competition (Li et al.
SOME people are undergoing unnecessary dental work because dentists "overuse" expensive crowns and veneers, experts have said.