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Haunted by the ghost of the most unlikely person Willow would ever want to befriend, she is stuck with the vacuous, venemous JoJo until she is able to uncover the truth behind her death.
8) The courtier must be "circumspect that he appeare not malicious and venemous, and speake tauntes and quippes onely for spite and to touch the quicke, because such men oftentimes for offence of the tongue are chastised in the whole bodie.
Okay, they use Delap's venemous deliveries from hand, but why is it okay to deliver a dangerous corner kick but not a throw-in?
Momoko and Lala take an immediate, venemous dislike to the new girlfriend, and even Chinatsu tries to deny the extent to which she renders Masayo's presence threatening.
Yoann Gourcuff put the seal on the French revival when he equalised with a venemous 25-metre shot in the 69th minute.
Venemous Tongues: Speech and Gender in Late Medieval England.
Golda's was the most compelling of the principal speeches made against BenGurion, and he became very bitter about her stance on the Affair, writing in his diary: "The ugliest thing at the conference was Golda's venemous speech .
CAN'T help liking gay Dickie for his venemous hatred of Dimogen.
Lockhart's venemous rhetoric still has the capacity to shock:</p> <pre> One feels the same disgust at the idea of opening [Hunt's book-length poem The Story of Rimini], that impresses itself on the mind of a man of fashion, when he is invited to enter, for a second time, the gilded drawing-room of