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The company added that Venerate XC is a liquid microbial-based, contact and ingestion insecticide that degrades insect exoskeletons and interferes with molting of chewing insects, nymphs and adult sucking insects, as well as with flies and mites.
"We placed a beautiful cut-out of the Mother near the altar for the people to venerate and pray since Friday.
More than once Lynn tried to get folks to venerate the cross two at a time, but no one was changing--they came up individually and took their time.
Fr Conte, who is a Franciscan Greyfriar, said he had been delighted by the huge numbers of people who had gathered to venerate the relics.
Almost inevitably, de Bellaigue's book begins (in Iraq) and ends (in Iran) with Ashura, the sacred memorial (dating from the mid-8th century) of the man whom Iranians call Imam Hossein (Husayn) and venerate with particular tenderness.
But because conservatives venerate the past, race relations are necessarily simplified to paint the prettiest possible picture of America.
They venerate the group rather than the individual.
The line between religion and government is non-existent; the institutions are inextricably united so the state can venerate its official deity.
The Vatican said the body, encased in a bronze and crystal coffin, will be on display for the faithful to venerate.
They bleed, cry, radiate light, and move their eyes so that astounded onlookers will venerate them and spread the word.
Commemorative rites will also be held at the Diocesan Shrine of the Our Lady of the Abandoned in Marikina City, where devotees line up to venerate the canonically crowned image of the Blessed Mother.