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Catholics will honor tomorrow the life and works of one of the most popular and widely venerated martyrs of Christian antiquity - Saint Agatha (San Agueda), the patron saint of nurses.
29 -- A venerated Temple Vale is now held in Police custody, since 21st of this month, at the Kayts Police Station, without any explainable reason - it is reported.
The venerated surgeon turned SNP politician took to her iPad on Wednesday to accuse Murray of supporting the Tories in Budget votes in the Commons.
I think that is in part because the only time we ever see that cross in our parish is on Good Friday The cross that hangs in the sanctuary or the cross we use in the weekly procession would probably have felt more symbolic to me, but the cross that gets hoisted out on Good Friday feels more like it is being paraded about rather than venerated.
Francois de Laval, the first bishop of New France, whose relics are venerated in the cathedral.
Manila's red-light district used to be in an area between Ermita Church and Malate Church, both shrines of venerated images of the Virgin Mary.
Early Christian communities venerated hundreds of saints, but historical research by 17th- and 18th-century Catholic scholars determined that very few of these saints' stories were backed by solid historical evidence.
Buddha's remains are being highly venerated by Buddhist devotees as national treasure in many historically Buddhist countries and regions.
Such satire can, even as it pokes fun at texts as venerated as Dostoevsky's novel, remind us of why such texts are venerated, and can also make the present appear, in comparison, tawdry.
Voiceover narration, courtesy of Geoffrey Rush, establishes the existence of a band of intergalactic protectors known as the When an old adversary called Parallax reemerges in the Lost Sector, venerated Green Lantern warrior Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is fatally wounded in the ensuring melee and his ring chooses cocksure United States Air Force test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as a worthy successor.
George, the dragon killer and patron saint of England, Germany, Portugal and Venice and a saint is venerated in Russia and Ethiopia.
In many Greek Orthodox churches, venerated relics are put on display with a box for collecting donations.