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However, unchecked prostitution comes with enormous social and health costs: the spread of deadly venereal diseases such as syphilis.
With reduced rates of venereal disease amongst European military personnel, the effect of the disease on Africans, including African soldiers, was once again relegated to minimal importance by the Gold Coast government.
This is a respiratory disease that can manifest as a venereal disease.
Davies, though, does not shy away from dealing with these criticisms, including the sensitive, but important, issues of high rates of venereal disease and the level of involvement in the black market.
Girls aged 16 to 19 in England and Wales have the highest rates of venereal disease such as gonorrhoea, the highest teenage pregnancy rates, high abortion levels and are more likely to use drugs.
I was wondering if Vaughan's sexual attraction to bodies mutilated by machines wasn't a kind of twenty-first-century venereal disease - a surrender to the "new flesh" implied by literal and metaphorical cybernetics?
As we all know, marijuana is the heathen devil weed causing severe brain damage and various incurable strains of venereal disease.
Tortious infliction of a venereal disease is discussed because in the age of AIDS, the potential damages recoverable for this tort are significant.
And while scientists have suggested other risk factors (untreated venereal disease or the occupational exposure to cadmium, for example), none have been well-substantiated.
Although venereal disease (VD) poses special problems for both sexes, it should be of special concern to women, both because of social attitudes and the nature of the female anatomy.
In fewer than five years, Genetic Systems went from being a selfstyled firebrand in two concurrent revolutions-cancer therapy and the overthrow of the big drug companies-to a small, chronically stretched underachiever whose main product was a quick test for an annoying, though hardly life-threatening, venereal disease.
In traditional medicine the antibacterial properties of the tree are used for oral health and to treat medical complaints such bronchitis, pleurisy and venereal disease.