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"Jaganmohan Reddy's vengeful attitude is being observed by the people," the former minister said.
There is a need for PM Modi to rise above the level of a vengeful politician and be seen instead as a statesman with stature.
An attack by hell hounds at Blade Forest indicate that a spirit related to Ja-hong has become vengeful. Gang-lim leaves the underworld to investigate, leaving the two grim reapers with Ja-hong.
Roque, in an interview over DZMM, said that Duterte is not the vengeful type, but the President has to stay true to not letting government officials get away with talking with any members of the Duterte family about any government project.
Islamabad -- Former additional Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Mian Zafar Ahmed Qureshi has revealed that threatening and vengeful activities are the practice of Sharif brothers.
Meanwhile, Marnie is raging when she spots Neeta and Mac on a date, and Myra accidentally gives Marnie an idea for a vengeful plan.
Vengeful President Erdogan, who claims he was minutes away from being killed, told supporters parliament may introduce executions.
Summary: A vengeful father shot dead a man he accused of murdering his son two years earlier in south Lebanon, a security source told The Daily Star Friday.
A "SUSPICIOUS, angry and vengeful" man who started a sixyear sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl has been jailed for six years.
No prizes for guessing the identity of the handsome vengeful psycho-stalker next door.
Alfie |in vengeful One thing you can't fault is the exquisite photography which continues to amaze - whether it's the close up of a cheetah's paw as she stalks her first impala, or a tiny hummingbird being attacked by honeybees.
Jack Gyllenhaal plays the cop caught in the middle as the former doting family man becomes a vengeful vigilante.