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In an exclusive talk with reporter here Tuesday, he said those officers who don't obey orders of Sharif brothers have to face vengeful action.
TYRE, Lebanon: A vengeful father shot dead a man he accused of murdering his son two years earlier in south Lebanon, a security source told The Daily Star Friday.
Employers also need to nurture a culture of mutual respect between staff and managers who need to refrain from de-motivating workers which might lead to vengeful behaviour that can be violent," Colonel Dr Salah Al Goul, from the office of the Minister of Interior said.
BRITAIN'S vengeful went barmy when they believed rumours that Jon Venables, who now has a new identity after killing Jamie Bulger, had been rearrested for viewing child pornography.
Summary: Jon Venables could be murdered by vengeful vigilantes if his new identity is revealed, the judge who granted his anonymity has warned.
James Cameron's science-fiction spectacle Avatar and Quentin Tarantino's war story Inglourious Basterds, which rewrites the end of the Second World War with a vengeful bloodbath were widely tipped as the favourites for the award.
I was brought up to believe that God was not a vengeful God.
You can't really blame her for transforming from sweet, doting mother and wife to the conniving, vengeful woman she is now.
Close played the vengeful, bunny-boiling "other woman" in the 1987 thriller who refuses to let her affair with the married man played by Michael Douglas come to an end.
THE STORY: When an ordinary family fall victim to a brutal attack as part of a gang initiation ritual, the upset and vengeful father Nick Hume (Bacon) decides to take matters into his own hands and track down those involved in the crime.
And the elevator at the Lillestroem Train Station, north of Oslo, almost seemed to be of the vengeful sort, sealing its doors and holding the two for the police.
Making the short conceptual leap from a vengeful god to a vengeful planet, Liotta (humanities, Salve Regina U.