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According to Gandhi, violence creates more problems than it could possibly solve; hatred, bitterness, vengefulness, and lasting pain are inevitable outcomes of violence.
46) And yet, as Henry Staten makes clear, "Nothing could be more indicative of the idealizing falsification of the idea of the 'noble Greek' in which Nietzsche engages, than his attendant quotation of Homer as an antithesis to the dishonest and therefore poisonous vengefulness of the slave mentality.
When he reached out to old foes he never displayed any bitterness, vengefulness or triumphalism.
The fact that his application is dealt with in accordance with extant rules and regulations does not imply that Norwegians lack passion or that anger and vengefulness are absent.
justice system and vengefulness among the Washington political elite.
The conditions of Manning's detention and the trial proceedings have revealed serious shortcomings in the US justice system and vengefulness among the Washington political elite.
Similarly, belittling comments may reveal envy, insecurity, vengefulness, spite, or a number of other emotions with no way for outsiders to determine the cause.
Also fascinating is Jo Carruthers' investigation of the multiple ironies to be found in the juxtaposition of the casting of Hitler as a second Haman by contemporary Jews with Hitler's own baffling acceptance of that role--an acceptance made "acceptable," unfortunately, by a "widely circulating Protestant reading of Esther that saw the slaughter at the end of the book as evidence of Jewish vengefulness per se" (525).
That vengefulness can be a powerful motive is reflected in popular culture which is filled with stories of good (and sometimes bad) guys who get even.
Revenge is sweet but this was Hibs taking vengefulness to a whole new sugar-coated level - a first derby win in 13 attempts and wrenching the Scottish Cup from Hearts hands.
Sociability (outgoing, many friends, spend time with friends, not preferring to be alone); Impulsive Sensation Seeking (lack of planning, acting impulsively, need for thrill and excitement, preference for unpredictable situations and friends and the need for change and novelty in individuals), and Aggression-Hostility (readiness to express verbal aggression, rude, thoughtless or antisocial behavior, vengefulness and spitefulness, quick temper and impatience).
On the one hand, the Palestinian achievement may be met with Israeli and American vengefulness, which could prove costly to the Palestinian National Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian people under occupation, and the international agencies that may admit Palestine as a member.