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Rumination: Bridging a gap between forgivingness, vengefulness, and psychological health.
Human progress is often arrested during the times of collective violence because of the incapacitating atmosphere of terror, hatred, and vengefulness that some forms of violence create.
All the biographies reference his explosive temper, moodiness, bouts of depression, poor health, dependence on sleeping pills, vengefulness, biting putdowns of subordinates, and "eye for the ladies." Providing insight on his character, professional golfer Don January stopped playing with Ike because he "took outrageous 'gimmes' improved the lie of his ball when he felt like it, and took liberties when he added his score" (p.
Maleki's huge blunders and vengefulness towards the Sunni Arabs and Kurds and ISIS' threat to Kurdistan prompted the US to end Iran's control as a pre-condition to its air force intervention against the Sunni terror group in August.
Rather, sublimity lives in the disjuncture between pain inflicted to our sensual nature (say, in acknowledging hopeless love or subduing vengefulness) and delight in the moral nature that "vanquishes]" (Maria's word) the drive to fulfil destructive passions or to experience necessity as violence against our wills.
From the trunk of that tree of vengefulness and hatred, Jewish hatred-- the profoundest and sublimest kind of hatred, capable of creating ideals and reversing values, the like of which has never existed on earth before-- there grew something equally incomparable, a new love, the profoundest and sublimest kind of love--and from what other trunk could it have grown?
Morally the West stood against conquest but it was the paranoia and vengefulness of Stalin and his successors that ensured the former allies would fall out and find themselves glaring at each other across an "Iron Curtain", fighting proxy wars around the world for decades.
The argument of "why should a convicted killer get to watch TV, play sports, get education," you name it, is wrongheaded and based on vengefulness, not justice.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Vengefulness and hostility should not be the reason for taking legal action against a group or an individual, presidential candidate Ekmeleddin yhsanoy-lu has said in response to a recent operation in which police officers who participated in an investigation into alleged government corruption have been detained.
The singular"you"--the female at in the original Hebrew--walks alone along roads "stiffened withblood and terror," and instead of responding to the blood andterror with vengefulness, hatred, or a renewed call to arms, the"you" is instead humbled and softened.
The rejection of hatred and vengefulness is best illustrated in the promulgation, at Mandela's initiative, of the National Unity and Reconciliation Act and the creation of the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation as early as the first year of his rise to power.
When he reached out to old foes he never displayed any bitterness, vengefulness or triumphalism.