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I--mad, loose NOLA maiden, Madam Amy--wedded venial live volt, a fat love villain, evaded deewy mama.
Alegbejo MD Evaluation of pepper cultivars for resistance to pepper venial mottle polyvirus in northern Nigeria.
Mrs James read to the children from the popular romantic novels of Moelona, a Welsh novelist born in Rhydlewis, and much disapproved of the satirical portraits in the stories of Caradoc Evans, Rhydlewis's most famous writer in English who was to scandalise his nation with venial tales of the Welsh peasantry.
A Calvinist would not be able to go to confession and reel off a finite list of venial and mortal sins.
Tenders are invited for Rate Contract For Board- Banners, Hording, Flex, Venial, Retro Fitting Board Etc Year - 2015-16
However, "conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen or even extenuate moral culpability,'' making it a venial sin.
Like our Catholic friends who speak of venial and mortal sins, Judaism describes different kinds of sin: unintentional wrongdoings, iniquities arising from twisted attitudes and the worst kind of sin--intentional transgression against the environment or people.
Yet like a frightened child guilty of venial sin, I hid in the shadows.
We old-timers remember the childhood effort we put into learning whether a latecomer to Sunday Mass was guilty of a mortal or venial sin.
ar won 3-0 se needed ally beat s to goals 3), Venial d Danny Elsewhere, an ef Liam Wilkinson an header from Dave earned George's a against Willow.
gig) all seem to refer to what modern classification would render as "taboos": venial transgressions, lesser in standing than sins (arnu, sertu), that are proscribed and enforced by the mamitu.
Aquinas does teach at the same time that a lie is only a mortal sin when it violates charity; thus there are many venial lies, told not out of malice but for some imagined good.