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Both maladies undercut morality, most insidiously in fostering, paradoxically, a sincere hypocrisy in comparison to which the conscious hypocrisy of priestcraft is venial.
To obtain a plenary indulgence, the faithful must commit to avoid all sins, even venial, sacramentally confess their sins, receive the Holy Communion, and pray for the Pope and his prayer intentions, said Father Pascual.
Para Serna, indagar las metamorfosis de la soberbia intelectual en el tiempo resulta importante, pues esta no solo es un pecado venial, sino que, en ciertos momentos historicos, puede advertirse una peligrosa cercania entre la nocion de superioridad cultural y las manifestaciones mas extrema, de intolerancia y violencia.
Como al parecer todos los partidos incurrieron en el mismo pecado, aunque el del PRI no fue precisamente venial, cabe hacer algunas propuestas para mejorar nuestro sistema electoral.
1 John 5:16-17 distinguishes between deadly or mortal sin and also non-deadly or venial sin.
Just Like Heaven" won't solve your theological problems about the afterlife, but enjoying it is only a venial sin.
Listen, son, I think we're talking about a venial sin here anyway, but for your penance I want you to read one of Ariana Huffington's columns all the way through.
Antronio, the mouthpiece for the unreformed clergy, is presented as ignorant and venial, but tractable and good intentioned.
I was proud to see my native city and my old college, Cardiff, providing the four editors and four contributors (however little I agree with them), and I must commend the format of this strong, stout book, its generous print and its careful proof-reading: even venial little misprints are very few, but electicism might mislead, the Marxist Lukacs (whose approach can be 'debilitating') suddenly becomes plural in 'Lukacs find it easy', and mysanthropy is amiss.
Flota en la obra la interrogante de por que los celos no son considerados pecado, ni venial ni mucho menos capital, cuando suelen ser mas devastadores que las figuras punibles que todos conocemos.
Although usually a venial sin, it becomes a mortal one when a person in his or her greed neglects the virtue of charity.