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There were no excuses, Boro were never allowed to get into their stride by rivals, who closed down quickly, tackled venomously and continually had the Boro backs at full stretch.
Hamid Gul, a venomously anti-Western former head of Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI.
Tim Pawlenty speaking venomously in favor of attacking Iran and boldly lauding the "good works" of the US government in assassinating Iranian scientists and the "good work" of creating the Stuxnet computer virus.
In response to the letter by J Heddwyn Jones published on Friday 31st December 2010, it is clear that criticism of the Christmas concert on S4C has touched a raw nerve with him, and indeed he goes on to personally attack the anonymous author of the letter, which is rather ironic, given the fact that J Heddwyn Jones objected so venomously to similar comments made against Bryn Terfel and Only Men Aloud.
Indeed, there are some racist and sexist words that have been appropriated and therefore defused by the people at whom they were once venomously directed.
His mum's always venomously on the attack about you, while his dad is giving you the type of attention he'd love to be reserved for his mum.
There were a lot of emotions going on in my head," said Les venomously.
If that is the criteria much, much graver charges resulted in Elevations and there is hardly anyone in the Cabinet against whom the very media has not written venomously.
The visitors argued venomously they should also have been given a penalty minutes after Oddy had broken the deadlock but referee Richard Parker chose to wave play on when Ashan Holgate went down under Eddie Nisevic's hesitant challenge.
practitioners responded venomously, displaying a level of anger and
Walk 'em hard; hold head high; hiss venomously to arrest sudden bad behaviour; bestow food and affection only when earned.
Were you blind to the fact that a troubled and unpopular Prime Minister's private act of compassion was hurled venomously back in his face and his blushes smeared across front pages for all the world to witness?