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html) elieved to have been offered the star in a player-plus-cash deal for Wayne Rooney but Chelsea have since venomously denied that such an agreement would take place.
Others are taking on the news channels and blogs, venomously rejecting the notion that this was indeed a coup.
Dear Brown Sanity, How I love you so, your capacity to feel, to know, to bear witness to; And with those sensory inputs you critically deduce; What is laid before you in the real time of Obama, Yet never forgetting historic times and hoping for future times, You filed the historic remnants of an eon past the settlement of Jamestown 1865, 1960s, Great Migrations, Pigtail Ordinances, Thind and Ozawa, Yellow Peril, Treaty of Hidalgo and the hate You remember the pictures of hate so venomously captured in Little Rock A hate of water hosing, stake burning, and Japs Move
Reck speaks venomously of Hitler, as well as his disgust with those Germans who treat him as a mystic:
The first break in the weather comes as we descend and I am reminded of how quickly things change in the mountains as scudding grey clouds race up the valley, and within seconds, visibility is down to a few feet while the wind whips venomously at my jacket.
The two had met five years prior in a film-discussion group their wives signed them up for, and had bonded because they'd both disliked The English Patient and had been able to articulate, venomously, why, scandalizing and alienating themselves from the rest of the group.
The interim-president has been accused by political opponents of corruption, an allegation which he has venomously denied.
The students were low-ranking members of the legal community, however, so this advance was only temporary; the acrid and sarcastic tone of Henry Fitzgeoffrey's Satyres and Satyricall Epigrams: with Certaine Observations at the Black-fryars (1617), evidenced below, suggests that these young men came to the Blackfriars for the chance to offset their subordinate status within the strictly hierarchical structure at the Inns by critiquing venomously the pretentions of other play-goers and then publishing this vitriol as in-house gossip.
In a message he included in his order approving the settlement, the judge said, "To those Christians who have venomously and vomitously cursed the Court family and threatened bodily harm and assassination: In His name, I forgive you.
There were no excuses, Boro were never allowed to get into their stride by rivals, who closed down quickly, tackled venomously and continually had the Boro backs at full stretch.
HG looked at us a bit venomously but we were used to his "bookings" as he called them.
Hamid Gul, a venomously anti-Western former head of Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI.