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Results: Mean nasal obstruction with ventilated nasal pack was 45.
There are various ways to assess pain in mechanically ventilated patients.
The median age of ventilated patients were 3 years (IQR 6 months to 74 months) and most of them were male 59.
Amerigon Incorporated, a developer and marketer of innovative thermal management technologies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature control applications, is offering its heated and ventilated seat system as an option in the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, being sold in China.
There was a period between the wars when cavities were ventilated by having only an air brick in the outer leaf, with no bridging sleeve across the cavity, and, if necessary, alternate bricks removed in the inner leaf to allow air flow under a wooden floor.
In a recent investigation patients who had been intubated and ventilated were asked about their decision to "have the breathing tube," one year after their discharge from the ICU.
Comment: The conclusions are obvious: being in a poorly ventilated room isn't good for one's respiratory health.
One possible explanation for this is that the IPAP has ventilated the alveoli still expanded by air and removed the nitrogen, having replaced the alveolar air with oxygen, so the capillaries can now absorb the alveolar gas and completely collapse the alveoli.
Elevating the backrest of ventilated patients has been associated with a decreased incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).
StoQuik Silver NExT-Ventilated Cement Board Stucco is a high impact moisture resistant, drained, ventilated exterior wall finish system that incorporates a superior waterproofing air barrier, a cement board substrate, reinforced base coat and polymer-based exterior finish.
Medical students, housewives whose children had flown the nest, and others were hired for a modest fee to be with ventilated patients so they would not feel alone.
As public opinion moves increasingly in favour of a total ban, Mr Etherington has spoken out in opposition saying pubs and private members' clubs should provide specially-designed well- ventilated smoking booths instead of treating smokers as the `sacrificial lamb'.