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A task group was convened as a subgroup under ASHRAE's Standing Special Project Committee 170 (SSPC 170), to investigate the applicability of natural ventilation in U.
For TVOCs, the homes without mechanical ventilation showed no change, whereas the homes complying with Standard 62.
Conclusion: Our study results yielded that underlying etiologies, co-morbidities and duration of ventilation stay affect significantly on the outcome of the patients on ventilation in coronary care unit.
VUMA's software enables analysis of underground mine ventilation, contaminant tracking, refrigeration and cooling networks.
13 May 2016 - UK-based ventilation products supplier Volution Group plc (LSE: FAN) has completed the acquisition of NVA Services Ltd.
Interest in the role of nurses in ventilation management was the focus of my recently submitted master's thesis.
We can now spread the message of natural ventilation even further, and show everyone why Moffitt Corporation has been ventilation's natural solution since 1961,” said President John Moffitt.
The original ventilation system for the tunnel was designed and sized to maintain acceptable air quality, and not for smoke control in the event of a vehicle fire, as was the standard practice at that time.
Many forms of closed-loop, automatically applied partial support protocols have been developed on many different ventilators; I have reviewed and tried all of them, including mandatory minute ventilation (MMV), pressure-support ventilation (PSV), proportional assist ventilation (PAV), SmartCare/PS, AutoMode and NAVA (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist).
The purpose of this study was to examine an alternative ventilation modality to treat hypoxaemia and keep arterial oxygen saturation of 90% or greater with minimum impairment of the surgical field during OLV.
Residential ventilation standards focus, at most, on chronic effects, even though variations in concentrations over shorter time periods due to varying ventilation scenarios may exceed acute standards.