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2] is derived from bicarbonate buffering of lactic acid and, whilst a change in blood pH is minimized, there is an increase in the ventilatory equivalent for oxygen and the end-tidal oxygen partial pressure.
Thus, based on the previous available data, NPPV cannot be recommended as a routine ventilatory strategy for ARDS, and it supports a cautious trial in highly selected patients with a Pa[O.
Restrictive ventilatory defect is seen in 64% of rheumatoid patients with FEV1/FVC >70% and reduced vital capacity and total lung capacity.
Physiologic response to varying levels of pressure support and neurally adjusted ventilatory assist in patients with acute respiratory failure.
Gender, marital status, the type of poisons, number of poisons, route of poisons, mode of poisons, the need for ventilatory, renal and inotropic support and outcome of patients were nominal variables.
100 patients diagnosed to have consumed organophosphorus compound poison were studied in relationship to the need for ventilatory support.
Hyperventilation is basically due to an increase in the current volume and increases the effort of the ventilatory muscles with altitude (Dempsey & Forster, 1982).
The mainstay of bronchiolitis management in the PICU and NICU is supportive, comprising fluid management, oxygen supplementation and/or respiratory ventilatory support, and antipyretics if needed.
The average duration of ventilatory support was 8 days, with a minimum duration of 2 days.
Changes in the arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure (PaCO2) and the resultant changes in pH cause ventilatory changes in both the central and peripheral cheomorecoptors.