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Shortly after moving from the tool shop to the molding side, I realized that the standards just cited were not the best and caused issues with inadequate venting.
That depends on who you talk to; there are so many opinions on venting, and most, I found, are pure opinion based on lack of true knowledge or experience.
Recently, the Horton/Lewis Venting Matrix Method ["The Venting Matrix Method for Coldbox Tooling Design," 2001 APS Transactions (01-085)] was developed and found to be simpler and faster to optimize.
Problem 2 Aluminum or vinyl soffits (eaves) installed over plywood soffits that don't have venting holes.
The venting of the mold cavity should allow gas to exit with at least the same volumetric rate that the gating system allows metal into the mold, resulting in a "free flow condition" without backpressure.
Here's the rub: Most of the time you won't suspect a venting failure unless you actually look for it.
Inadequate venting traps air, steam from resin, and nonaqueous volatiles (NAVs)--gases from resin and/or additives.
The venting of molds and cores provides an open path for the gases released from the decomposing mold and core materials to follow, rather than through the metal.
Some venting problems arise when a do-it-yourself (or sloppy plumber) adds a sink or toilet without proper venting.
The design of emergency venting requirements for vapor, gassy and hybrid systems can be made based on the Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) two-phase flow methodology and its extensions.
Proper venting with no leakage or vent flow does not depend solely on the design of the screw.
With venting still far too often neglected today, this article provides recommendations and guidance for proper practice.