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Vacuum venting is used on many sheet extruders to draw off residual monomers, other volatile organic compounds, and moisture.
Compounders must realize that the "customer," a single-screw extruder, usually does not have any venting capability and that any volatiles within the pellet can only be released in the final part--leading to surface defects, holes, etc.
In many cases, we'll notice numerous red flags which indicate insufficient venting in the mold.
The second problem is the bathroom fan venting through the soffit.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), the leader in innovative, solutions-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide, announces the launch of vented BRUTE refuse containers, combining the proven durability of BRUTE containers with new venting and cinching technology and improved ergonomics.
The system is an ideal solution for venting of explosions in bucket elevators that are located within, or partially within, a building or a zoned area where normal venting cannot occur.
SMART VENT provides a line of engineered openings that utilizes the best flood venting practices to out perform a traditional air vent.
After a (geologically) brief time of actively venting into the ocean, the same sea floor spreading that brought them into being shuffles them away from the hotspot.
At the end of the 2009 cruise, we had identified plumes from three different areas of venting within the Mid-Cayman Spreading Center, including two high-temperature black smoker vents and one lower-temperature site.
For year 2011, pipelines will have to monitor fugitive and vented emissions as well from centrifugal compressor venting, reciprocating compressor rod packing venting and a few other less significant sources.
Having the kiln call for heat while venting at the same time results in a tremendous waste of energy.
One step in the safe handling and use of natural gas for the home involves proper venting for gas regulators.