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In addition to the connected Whirlpool top load laundry pair and the ventless Whirlpool HybridCare(TM) dryer, the Whirlpool Corporation display will be highlighted by the following products:
From zero clearance to ventless hood models, operators will be looking for equipment that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen," he says.
The ventless dryer technology will allow consumers in North America to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the wasted energy attributed to dryers, said Whirlpool.
It is also investigating ventless dryers aboard ships to improve safety and possibly create an energy savings.
The smooth, flush surface design not only offers an aesthetically pleasing and refined appearance from all angles, but the ventless intake grille also makes it easy to clean.
00 inch, the reducers include a totally enclosed ventless sealing system that contains a factory filled H1 food grade synthetic lubricant, eliminating the need for routine oil changes.
From the safety of ventless fireplaces to alternatives in air conditioning, THIS COLD HOUSE packs in important insights and is a pick for any general interest lending library catering to homeowners and those concerned with energy savings and the environment.
All of Broaster[R] Recipe's new products offer simplicity, convenience, and expansive new profit opportunities for foodservice operators and all can be prepared using Broaster[R] pressure frying and ventless frying equipment.
The ADVANTAGE [TM] dryer's ventless design eliminates the risk of stack fires.
Samples were roasted in the hotel's lobby on a Fresh Roast, a fully automated, ventless roaster, by Roger Allington, president.
Here are just a few of the yuppie badges: yellow ties and red suspenders, Merlot, marinated salmon steaks, green-bottle beer, Club Med vacations, stuff with ducks on it, Gaggenau stoves, Sub-Zero refrigerators, latte, clothing from Ann Taylor or Ralph Lauren, designer water, Filofax binders, Cuisinarts, kiwi fruit, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, ventless Italian suits, pasta makers, bread makers, espresso-cappuccino makers, cell phones, home fax machines, air and water cleaners, laptop computers, exercise machines, massage tables, and remote controls for the television, the VCR, the CD player, the stereo receiver, the garage door, the child.
The Equator Clothes-Processor EZ 3600C, the Bronze Award winner, is a combination clothes washer and ventless dryer.