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Summing up, the techniques of rabbit ear keloid models in vogue are: 1) Circular excision of full thickness ventral skin of rabbit ear; 2) Circular excision of full thickness ventral skin plus ventral perichondrium of rabbit ear; 3) Circular excision of full thickness ventral skin plus ventral perichondrium, and nicking of cartilage of rabbit ear.
The scapulacoracoid has four fenestrae: two dorsal (anterodorsal and posterodorsal), and two ventral (anteroventral and posteroventral).
Since the 1950s, when tantalum meshes were first used to repair ventral hernias,14,15 various meshes have been used in clinical practice.
The ideal location for mesh placement in ventral hernia repair remains unclear.
However, both cercariae differ from Furcocercaria XIX in having fewer flame cells (16), more caudal bodies (five pairs), fewer circles of hooks surrounding the opening of the ventral sucker (one circle of hooks), and different arrangement of spines in the body.
Currently, there is no image processing technique available to differentiate between dorsal and ventral surface of rubber seed.
6 mm circular ventral skin excision along with excision of two main sensory nerves (Yagmur et al.
Then lipophil cells in the vicinity of the algae secrete their large ventral granule, followed rapidly by lysis of the algae underneath.
following 24 hrs incubation in solvent; 70% ethanol, revealed that, the oral and ventral sucker showing smoothness with thick rims covered with transverse folds.
Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Surgery should be the approach of
Detailed clinico-ophthalmic examination revealed dorsal and ventral inward rolling of lower eyelids at lateral side in four eyes of three dogs whereas bilateral rolling was observed on dorsal aspect of upper eyelid near to lateral canthus with purulent discharge in one dog.