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7A, C); pseudepiphallic arms laterally widened, mainly in apex, curved, pubescent, with several sparse thick bristles on outer face, tuft of bristles on ventral part, and two spines on dorsal part (Figs.
A similar bauplan of the RTA with a strongly sclerotised dorsal part and a membranous ventral part as well as the two tegular apophyses are known for Olios claviger (Pocock, 1901) (jager & Kunz 2005: figs 320-322), O.
We have taken care to assure that the nests and the conditions of ventral apteria reported here are all independent observations.
Those in the PIT tag group were tagged by gluing individual PIT tags to the ventral anterior of the shell as described earlier.
The central nervous system of MHCs includes both a brain and a ventral nerve cord.
However, a pore region, which is about 2-3 pm, persistently connects the egg and the ventral canal cell (Fig.
The putamen can be divided into two sub regions, the anterior and posterior putamen (figure 2), as defined respectively as ventral and dorsal putamen.
El objetivo del trabajo fue comparar tres lugares de extraccion de medula osea: esternon, cresta iliaca y tercio ventral de las ultimas costillas, teniendo en cuenta las ventajas y dificultades anatomicas, el volumen de muestra obtenida, la evaluacion subjetiva de la tolerancia del paciente mediante la observacion de movimientos voluntarios frente a la aplicacion de un estimulo (puncion con aguja 25/8 atravesando los diferentes planos anatomicos) y la celularidad obtenida en cada region en particular.
The report includes a breakdown of unit volumes, average selling prices, and market values for devices used in vaginal slings, ventral hernia repair, inguinal hernia repair, pelvic floor reconstruction, and dural repair in addition to an extensive breakdown of procedure volumes.
The ventral bud originates initially, followed by the dorsal.