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However, it was her advice that I should not venture again, and I took her counsel, for I never went there any more; for I knew as well as she, if the itch of play came in, I might soon lose that, and all the rest of what I had got.
I dismissed my old man here, and stayed incognito for three or four days in Colchester, and then took a passage in a waggon, because I would not venture being seen in the Harwich coaches.
Venture capital has finally shaken off the stigma of the dot-com bubble--but that doesn't necessarily mean that skies are a cloudless blue for companies seeking funding, or for venture capitalist firms themselves.
an organization that operated hospitals in central Texas through a joint venture with a for-profit healthcare company, was entitled to exempt status under Sec.
If I thought at all about venture capitalists, it was with a naive sense that they invest large sums of money in smart people with great ideas.
Information technology companies received over 60% of the $12 billion in venture capital investments in 1998.
Opposing it were academic economists and the National Venture Capital Association, a small trade group whose industry is threatened by the bill's subsidies.
Setting up a joint venture between a manufacturer and a finance company can be a real boon for a company with large volumes of receivables weighing down its balance sheet.
and the Arlington (Virginia) Health Foundation announced that they would undo their joint venture (the Columbia Arlington Healthcare System, LLC), principally because the Service would not approve the arrangement.
98-15, the Service presents two situations in which a hospital forms a joint venture with a taxable organization and analyzes whether the ownership structure, along with a management agreement with the joint venture, allow the hospital to continue to qualify for exemption under Sec.

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