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Nor did his misfortunes end with the voyage; for the ship was cast ashore on an island of the South Pacific, and it was six years afterward when the survivors were taken off by a venturesome trading schooner and brought back to San Francisco.
Coming to the top, it gave him a passing chill of surprise (there being no rooms but his up there) to find a stranger sitting on the window-sill, more after the manner of a venturesome glazier than an amateur ordinarily careful of his neck; in fact, so much more outside the window than inside, as to suggest the thought that he must have come up by the water- spout instead of the stairs.
It is certain that Sir Percival's reception of my venturesome proposal to live with his wife was more than kind, it was almost affectionate.
And the future loomed big before him, occupying his thought exclusively with all its aspects as on the eve of a venturesome enterprise.
And how merry we all were, and how loyal to the George Washington, and how full of mutual congratulations, and how venturesome in predicting the exact hour at which we should arrive at Liverpool, may be easily imagined and readily understood.
Perhaps he mightn't think it over venturesome of me to say--well then, to say this,' cried Kit with sudden boldness.
The Tyneside expansion has been aided by further investment from CAF Venturesome, which has been match-funded by UN Ltd.
elucidates for the venturesome a whole cosmos in which faith found a home in the life and work of this singular artist, whose outlook and accomplishment both transcend standard theological categories and illuminate them at the same time.
Bush challenged a group of executives to "do something bold and venturesome about cancer within your own corporate families.
Players went daft on a slippy, moving surface that put the skids under the venturesome, and a snow-spray in the eye of the loiterer.
Illicit lust, particularly among the venturesome, is impossible to eradicate and as many nations have found, not for want of trying, almost impossible to regulate, if they go down that perfumed garden path.
I wish he were more venturesome in translation ("Kiss the son, lest he be angry" sticks with a corrupt text in 2:12; "in the valley of the shadow of death" 23:4 should be "in a very dark valley.