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I could readily understand how it might have been that Caprona had been invaded in the past by venturesome navigators without word of it ever reaching the outside world, for I can assure you that only by submarine could man pass up that great sluggish river, alive.
It is certain that Sir Percival's reception of my venturesome proposal to live with his wife was more than kind, it was almost affectionate.
And the future loomed big before him, occupying his thought exclusively with all its aspects as on the eve of a venturesome enterprise.
Tristram seemed to have formed a sudden and somewhat venturesome resolution, and she smiled more intensely, as women do when they take such resolution.
I know you are as brave and venturesome as any man in the world, but you do not belong to me alone; you belong to all our party.
The women were always kind, and the little children as children are the world over, alternately shy and venturesome. Evening found them at rest under the village tree of a mud- walled, mud-roofed hamlet, talking to the headman as the cattle came in from the grazing-grounds and the women prepared the day's last meal.
And there was in him also a fine carelessness as to what he did and a love of venturesome enterprise.
The Foundation will concentrate efforts on projects which might otherwise be difficult to put into effect, and intends to support venturesome projects that can if successful, yield great results.
"This is the fourth year that our SE-Assist Fund has run in Wales," said Holly Piper, Head of CAF Venturesome, the social investment team at Charities Aid Foundation, which manages the programme.
All venturesome competitors are required to complete and sign a participation waiver prior to the contest.
With its immaculate protection of its sources of information, Dawn could dig deeper without being unduly venturesome or vainglorious.
Playing the venturesome troubadour was Linda Nolan, here with her sister Bernadette and Maureen along with mother Maureen.