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Interfertility between two sympatric fishes, Notropis lutrensis and Notropis venustus.
Reproduction of Donax venustus Poli 1795, Donax semistriatus Poli 1795 and intermediate morphotypes (Bivalvia: Donacidae) in the littoral of Malaga (southern Spain).
Coptotomus venustus (Say)) constituted 58% of all specimens.
venustus Mammals Skin Snow & Picard, 1954 Mansonia Bird, Skin Brown & Pearson, perturbans Mammals 1938 Orthopodomyia Birds Skin Brown & Pearson, signifera 1938 Phlebotomus Mammals Skin Snow & Picard, 1954 shannoni Psorophora Birds, Skin Brown & Pearson, ciliata Mammals 1938 P.
Philamycus species epithets: C = carolinianu V=flexuolaris TQ = togatus, BA = batch, BI = bisdasus, S = sellatus, VE = venustus, VI = virginicus.
Variation and subspecies of Notropis venustus (Girard).
Draconarius venustus Ovtchinnikov 1999, by original designation.
Now hugely desirable, the centre of the village is Five Ways, from where you can set off on foot to admire the architecture - maybe dropping in at funky fashion store The Corner Shop, the Hot Gossip coffee lounge, the ultra cool Ariel Books or day spa Venustus, where all the celebs go.
longicaudatus Oligoryzomys sp Oxymycterus paramensis Murinae Mus musculas Rattus rattus Didelphi- Didelphidae Marmosinae Thylamys venustus morphia T.
Hadrian's Wall Tourism Partnership marketing officer Hilary Norton, who organised the campaign, thinks Adam is venustus (lovely) and says he's generating a lot of interest in their summer programme of events.