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x semistriatus (Poli, 1795), and Donax venustus (Poli, 1795), for which the resting period, if any, appeared throughout the cold season (Tirado & Salas 1998, 1999, Tirado et al.
Effects of extra food on population fluctuation pattern of the muroid rodent Calomys venustus.
Especie [masculinidad] [feminidad] [masculinidad] [feminidad] Allothrips megacephalus 0 11 mexicanus Stannard, 1955 Gastrothrips Hood, 1912 0 1 Adraneothrips biadenes Mound 0 3 & Marullo, 1996 Adraneothrips fuscicollis 0 2 Hood, 1925 Adraneothrips lepidus Hood, 1950 0 4 Haplothrips gowdeyi 0 13 Franklin, 1908 Hoplandrothrips jennei 4 0 Jones, 1912 Karnyothrips brimleyi Hood, 1938 0 1 Karnyothrips venustus 0 2 Moulton, 1941 Eurythrips Hinds, 1902 0 4 Totales 4 [masculinidad] 31 [feminidad] [masculinidad] [feminidad]
Interfertility between two sympatric fishes, Notropis lutrensis and Notropis venustus.
Mussels considered from the literature to use the fish as a glochidial host are also indicated Fish species Relative Mussels potentially hosted importance Cyprinella venustus 1.
venustus, Diacyclops abyssicola (Mioduchowska and Wojtasik, 2009).
et ne tot malis dissimulatis, paulatimque serpentibus, acerui crescerent aerumnarum, nobilitatis decreto, legati mittuntur: Praetextatus ex urbi praefecto, et ex uicario Venustus, et ex consulari Mineruius, oraturi ne delictis supplicia sint grandiora, neue senator quisquam, inusitato et inlicito more, tormentis exponeretur.
Contribution to the identification of Calomys venustus (Thomas, 1894) (Rodentia, Muridae) by morphological characters.
Coptotomus venustus (Say)) constituted 58% of all specimens.
venustus Mammals Skin Snow & Picard, 1954 Mansonia Bird, Skin Brown & Pearson, perturbans Mammals 1938 Orthopodomyia Birds Skin Brown & Pearson, signifera 1938 Phlebotomus Mammals Skin Snow & Picard, 1954 shannoni Psorophora Birds, Skin Brown & Pearson, ciliata Mammals 1938 P.