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Its veracious increase is observed in case of using the preparation at a concentration of 30 mg/kg.
8220;This collection is a veracious and provocative contribution to ongoing conversations about Islam and the West.
It's an unerringly veracious offering from a writer of impressive skill.
We have succeeded in identifying a primary absolute (Chaos), but contrary to the veracious God, the former would seem to be incapable of guaranteeing the absoluteness of scientific discourse, since, far from guaranteeing order, it guarantees only the possible destruction of every order.
Largely, 'A Stranger in My Own Country' makes an interesting read and the author's veracious and lucid style combined with simple language, avoiding verbosity or pretence, retains the readers' attention.
Nevertheless, the addenda to Jim's narrative suggest that he is avoiding the emotional complexities of his earlier confessional "history" and opting to continue it as a supposedly more veracious "journal" (105, 106).
These are the representations Heart of Darkness most closely and fully parallels, and which formed a shared, intimate metanarrative of African experience in Conrad's day--though not necessarily a veracious one.
Ed was a veracious reader and particularly enjoyed reading financial publications and analyzing the stock market.
Instead of bland calls for freedom, justice and democracy the veracious voice of the revolution should rise above the swell in this week of commemorating those who died for a cause as old as Adam and Eve - the right for freedom of choice.
Captain Conan, a strapping French-bred who won his most recent start at Auteuil in June, took a huge walk in the market from 7-2 to a starting price of 9-1, and it looked very much as if the betting would prove veracious as Colour Squadron jumped the last flight still in command.
Fly-anglers can also reap the benefits of the trout's veracious appetite.
Sometimes Neven's task is to offer self-aggrandizing and undecidably veracious narratives of heroism.