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In Stacy's view, the idea of writing at the Roche limit works on three distinct levels of analysis: the position of Sebald as belated witness, that is, as a German writer coming to terms with the aftermath of the Second World War; secondly, the novel as a limit-case narrative mixing "apparently veracious historical material with a fictionalised account of the narrator's travels around Suffolk" and a view of non-linear history as described by Walter Benjamin in his notion of "constellation" ([1968] 1999: 255); and finally, the need for the reader as a mediator to complete the act of witnessing.
80) From this perspective each and every biblical film is more of an individual creation rather than veracious recreation of the scriptural account.
Right after his critically acclaimed bestseller, Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times , the author has come up with yet another veracious, no- frills yet poignant narration of what was probably one of the most disgraceful episodes in Indian democracy.
I found it truly veracious, meaningful and beautiful
This is due in part to Erasmus's anti-intellectual, anti-philosophical stance about religion, which caused him to utilize a skeptical attitude to refute Luther's claims to a more veracious rule of faith.
They have been introduced into several areas of the United States where they have been reported as a veracious predator and a substantial threat to native fish populations.
whether "miracles" such as the changing of a staff into a snake constitute a solid ground to accept as veracious a prophetic claim and so be moved to faith.
Veracious reduction in their level is observed in case of using the drug at a concentration of 30 mg/kg.
25) At the same time, the film draws from other visions of the future belonging to films of the past, by quoting the work of Marker and Antonioni, and by establishing parallels to their films, in terms of questioning the photographic image and the image as carrier of memory as veracious.
Wasps, spiders, ants, birds, and praying mantis are all veracious consumers of crickets, but they're not as good at winter survival.
Edith Stein maintains the reality of the human soul in terms of its veracious spiritual being and its certain manifestation in and through the body.
He wrote on Twitter: "There are more veracious sources of information out there.