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VERBAL. Parol; by word of mouth; as verbal agreement; verbal evidence. Not in writing.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'It's (verbal agreement) against our Constitution that says the EEZ is exclusively for Filipinos.
Locsin Jr., in a television interview, had called verbal agreement 'pointless' until its formalized.
When a man uses "indirect verbal game" with women, this means that he will usually invest a significant amount of time in conversation with the woman building rapport with a woman and making sure that the woman perceives him as a man who is "dateable," "likable" and "trustworthy" prior to him expressing his romantic or strictly sexual desires, interests and intentions to the woman in a very cautious and usually vague and ambiguous or beat-around-the-bush manner.
To build positive interpersonal relationship between all stakeholders, it is not only important to understand non-verbal cues of patients but doctors and nurses must understand that their own verbal as well as non-verbal communication is constantly interpreted by the patients as well8.
Latest figures from the 'Eliot show that 40 per cent of all verbal and physical abuse on staff members is from patients and visitors but verbal abuse by staff to staff is 31 per cent.
This study contributes to the literature by analyzing the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication in CF videos and the success of CF campaigns.
The chief justice observed that there was no provision in law for the verbal marriage and it was mandatory to register the wedlock.
This is especially helpful since "each verbal inflection gains specific semantic characteristics in a certain discourse mode" (p.
The same argument is presented by Stanton (2004) and states that non-verbal gestures like frowning, cues, body movements, eye contact, space, head movements are occasionally referring to meta communication as it adds meaning to the verbal communication.
The intriguing fact is that the OIr form of -ail, -al (1), was not widespread: it served as the verbal noun forming suffix of a single verb, gaibid ('lays hold of, grasps'; 'goes'), and of its "numerous compounds" (Thurneysen 455).
O termo escolhido por ele foi comportamento verbal. De acordo com o autor, a expressao alude ao comportamento (de um falante individual) modelado e mantido por uma comunidade verbal especifica.
Teachers, like daily life situation, also use non- verbal communication in the class rooms but if they use it purposely and as a teaching technique with the objective to create interest amongst the students, better results can be obtained in the form of students' learning outcomes.Communication is an integral part of our lives.