verbal communication

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and according to Cutica and Bucciarelli, (2015) meaning of non-verbal gestures whether in consistent or in contrast with the verbal communication always got processed.
Pokazalo se da u engleskome jeziku prema kvantitativnome kriteriju najvecu frazeolosku kreativnost imaju sljedeci makrometaforicki konceptualni modeli: VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS PLAY, VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS SOCIAL ACTIVITY, VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS JOURNEY/TRAVEL, VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS TRADE/COMMERCE, VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS CRAFT.
Teachers, like daily life situation, also use non- verbal communication in the class rooms but if they use it purposely and as a teaching technique with the objective to create interest amongst the students, better results can be obtained in the form of students' learning outcomes.
teach beginning speech-language pathology students about the types of written and verbal communication they will encounter in university clinics, medical settings, and public schools: diagnostic reports, daily treatment plans, treatment reports, progress notes, professional correspondence, and electronic and verbal communication.
This simultaneous protection and enhancement allows users to maintain situational awareness and sustain verbal communication while hunting or shooting.
To acknowledge and enhance positive effects of text messaging, educators can have students demonstrate clear verbal communication skills, which may minimize miscommunication.
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney should take their cues on improving their verbal communication during the next televised debate.
Non verbal communication in classroom interactions: A pedagogical perspective of touch.
She studied many babies when putting The Blossom Method together, and stresses that all speak a similar language - with slight differences, just as there is in verbal communication.
the hammer throwers use the verbal communication and the nonverbal communication in different proportions during training than during competitions;
According to recent surveys, nearly three-quarters of employers indicated high school graduates were deficient in such basic skills as punctuality, verbal communication, and working productively with others.
A public speaking workshop was organized at the Royal Rodale Club Blinck's youth development agenda where Sidra Iqbal addressed youth about the importance of clear and consistent verbal communication.