verbal conflict

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Later responding to a verbal conflict going between Satyanarayana and BJP MP YS Chowdary regarding land allotment in Amaravati, K Ramakrishna said: "The government has all authorities to take proper legal action if it has enough shreds of evidence to prove the corrupt practices and irregularities in procuring land in the capital region.
In an escalation of their verbal conflict, Albay Rep.
Their verbal conflict continued on their way to the TSUM, where the suspect punched Abubakar in the face for insulting.
Tuesday's public hearing before the city council featured several speakers affiliated with the Carbondale Spring initiative, and Mayor Mike Henry came into verbal conflict with some of them on multiple occasions.
"If the state collapses financially, then the verbal conflict will be of no good.
Judge Rees added: "I have sympathy to your learning difficulties and diagnosis of autism, but you reacted to a situation of verbal conflict highly inappropriately.
"The former owner of the factory, being on its territory, entered into a verbal conflict with the current management.
The risk in North Korea is that the verbal conflict between the leader of the North Korean "hermit kingdom" and the American "Tweeter in Chief" escalates into a military conflict.
That article cited a survey of staff members at a forensic psychiatric hospital showing that the annual incidence of physical assault stood at 70% and verbal conflict at 99% (J AdvNurs.
These teachers were 3-5 years in this school and were familiar with ongoing conflict between particular students (i.e., physical and verbal conflict and bullying) beyond temporal or typical fights and arguments.
such as 'Parent-Child Bonding, Empathic Connection,' 'Presence of Emotional or Verbal Conflict in Family' and 'Talk of Harming Self or Others.'" These measures, CAIR said, "likely encompass most American families at some point, rendering them near useless for the stated goal." Mosque attendance, for example, may be seen as a "risk factor" when something like 'Family Involvement in Community Cultural and Religious Activities' is assessed, CAIR affirmed.
This time he shifts his focus, moving the scene from west to east and the subject matter from physical to verbal conflict. The author pauses along the way to speculate on how William Barclay Masterson became known as Bat.