verbal expression

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For instance, hearing-impaired people use systemic sign language instead of vocal verbal expression.
Severe: Correct answer to 1 syllable word 6- Difficulty in verbal expression None: He/she can answer 7-8 Difficulty in finding word, anomie, questions.
The paper focuses on writing in particular yet applies to verbal expression in general.
Storytelling through movement, dance with verbal expression, film that captures it all: the arts are intertwined, and their healing power for people affected by a variety of health conditions is increasingly accepted.
All users, on average, produced more social dialogue acts in response to nonverbal expressions of effort combined with a valid answer or verbal expressions of effort combined with a failure to parse or fetch information.
Initial verbal expressions of anger showed medium effect sizes.
The EMSI consists of the following 5 subscales: showing emotion, verbal expression of emotions, controlling negative physical reactions, coping, and anger management.
But verbal expression does not translate into a commitment to values or changed behavior.
Has art become one of those directions that is eternally open-ended - by default as it tackles the visual - surmounting and undermining all verbal expression, defying all and every description?
The fourth catalogues the different ways in which parole appears in the narratives, in the verbal expression of desire, in letters, in bodily language, in action, even in eloquent silence.
of Northern Iowa) brings together nine chapters that explain communication and swallowing changes in healthy aging adults that are related to cognition, auditory and reading comprehension, verbal expression, writing, and voice and motor speech abilities.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The Ministry of Culture will launch in mid-September the National Campaign for Collecting and DocumentingNon-material Cultural Heritage including the performing arts, verbal expression forms like tales andpublic bibliographies, social traditions, knowledge and perceptions connected with cosmos, nature and others and preparing lists and establishment of the living human encyclopedia for the cultural heritage campaign, its narrators and practitioners.