verbal expression

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Operationally, the process of aggregating the nonverbal immediacy behaviors starts with normalizing each verbal expression to 1, followed by adding up all 10 nonverbal expressions that express immediacy communication (equal weight) into a nonverbal immediacy variable.
For instance, hearing-impaired people use systemic sign language instead of vocal verbal expression. The use of resources is limited or broadened by the opportunities to use the senses.
Among the items of NBRS-R, the questions measuring awareness, difficulty in verbal expression and impaired articulation may be the best indicators of whether the patient will be able to complete the test or not.
Differences between PGs and controls in STAXI-2 scores STAXI-2 scales Mean (SD) Cases (N = 71) Controls (N = 37) Sentiment 7.21; (0.46) 6.33; (0.32) Physical expression 5.54; (0.16) 5.10; (0.22) Verbal expression 6.00; (0.24) 5.65; (0.33) Total anger state 18.75; (0.61) 17.08; (0.85) Anger-angry temper.
Americans rated higher in statements that showed verbal expression of love (p<.05), whereas Albanians rated higher on statements that showed behavioral expression of love (p<.05).
The Absurd hold bi-monthly evenings of spoken word at Clwyd Theatre, which they say "are a celebration of verbal expression, speech, language and the indestructible force of the imagination...
The robust idea of this paper is that a reciprocal relationship exists between the philosophy of general semantics and techniques of verbal expression in general and writing in particular.
"Emotion, Verbal Expression, and the Social Sharing of Emotion." The Verbal Communication of Emotions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.
Physical expression of anger was large at 1.4 but, the verbal expression of anger showed a medium effect size (.7).
The EMSI consists of the following 5 subscales: showing emotion, verbal expression of emotions, controlling negative physical reactions, coping, and anger management.
But verbal expression does not translate into a commitment to values or changed behavior.
Has art become one of those directions that is eternally open-ended - by default as it tackles the visual - surmounting and undermining all verbal expression, defying all and every description?