verbal onslaught

See: diatribe
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The verbal onslaught is relentless and our sympathy rests firmly with the long-suffering son as he tends to the matriarch's every whim with a hangdog expression that conceals a steady, gentle simmer of rage.
Fortunately, she was not badly injured, but Open debutant MacIntyre still gave 31-yearold Stanley an earful, claiming afterwards that his playing partner had not taken kindly to his verbal onslaught.
Keeping verbal onslaught up, Maryam went on to say that there exists a different version of law for whole Pakistan and while another for fake PM, his family and those rich aides who are bearing his [read Imran Khan] expenses.
The former UFC champion continued her verbal onslaught in her ( latest "Ronda on the Road" vlog where she made it clear that her comments were not part of the promo.
Some commentators saw the recall as over-reaction, but French officials said it had persuaded Italian politicians to reaffirm publicly their friendship with Paris and halt their verbal onslaught - at least for now.
GHOTKI -- In an apparent verbal onslaught on the PTI-led government, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman and former president Asif Ali Zardari on Friday said 'deaf, mute and blind people are sitting in Islamabad.'
Keeping up the verbal onslaught, she went on to say that only miracle of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan travelling to Saudi Arabia on camel had occured in first 100 days.
We are not the only one facing this verbal onslaught. Hardly any ally is spared this entertainment.
Keeping verbal onslaught up, the firebrand spokesperson taunted that Fawad should have felt ashamed while talking about his 'u-turn' prime minister (PM).
" Keeping verbal onslaught up, Sharif claimed that PM had awarded NRO to his ministers and zealots.
Provincial ministers including Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan, Deputy Speaker Dost Mohammad Mazari and some treasury MPAs faced this verbal onslaught coming from the protesting opposition.
He was removed from the train and placed in the back of a police vehicle where he continued his verbal onslaught, again using homophobic and racially aggravated language.