verbal onslaught

See: diatribe
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Keeping verbal onslaught up, Maryam claimed such scurrilous tactics are adopted by only those who face defeat in their lives.
While extending verbal onslaught against July 28 judgment, Nawaz Sharif claimed that even corruption allegation of single penny does not exist against him.
span xml:lang="EN-GB"But first," his grandmother had continued her verbal onslaught, now addressing both him and his grandfather.
After verbal onslaught from the Opposition, the treasury legislators stood up and started chanting slogans in favour of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and against PTI chief Imran Khan.
While addressing a rally in Jaranwala, she extended her verbal onslaught against judiciary.
The verbal onslaught was brief, but painful, particularly because it took place in the context of Christian community.
Despite the verbal onslaught from his co-star, Johnson has remained relatively quiet on the issue.
Mark admitted assaulting his mother after a verbal onslaught from her about Christmas dinner.
Canada's President, dubbed "the anti-Trump" by the Washington Post, is wisely standing back but he can't be happy at Trump's verbal onslaught against NAFTA.
On a regular basis, the citizens of Dhaka are treated to a cacophony of beeps and honks, not to mention, the occasional verbal onslaught brought upon by old-fashioned road rage.
Tee Smith, 38, filmed the verbal onslaught on him from the L Lewis driver, which it was alleged included the phrase "black boy" directed at the British Asian entrepreneur.
Even 'neutral' former All Black Ali Williams was guilty of this during the Wales v France match on Friday, when his preprogrammed verbal onslaught on referee Wayne Barnes, based on a forward pass Barnes missed during New Zealand's 2007 World Cup quarter final exit, directly contradicted Moore's in-commentary rantings, and doubtless further confused the majority of Friday evening occasional rugby fans.