verbal portraiture

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1659 was the banner year for verbal portraiture in France, marking the apogee of a mondain vogue that impelled seemingly all members of polite society to "paint" each other and/or themselves.
(2) See, for example, Jacqueline Plantie's La Mode du portrait litteraire en France: 1641-1681 (Paris: Champion, 1994) 483-505; Nina Ekstein's "Le Misanthrope and Tartuffe: Two Critiques of Verbal Portraiture," Rivista di Letterature moderne e comparate 42.2 (1989): 137-52; W.
His treatment of these individuals involves a good deal more, though, than simply indulging a taste for gossip or a talent for verbal portraiture. Alive to the way the men and women he encountered embodied various and contradictory qualities, these -- Edmun Wilson's snobbery and his social consciousness, ness, H.L.
Applying Cook and Braider's models to an analysis of verbal portraiture in Prevost's work reveals that the embedded literary portrait, like its painted cousin, provides a similar commentary on representation.