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Bad verbalism,' he says, `is rhetoric, or the use of cliche unconsciously, or a mere playing with phrases.
The Christian task to speak to the world must not degenerate into an aggressive verbalism that forces its way into the ears of others, yearning to proselytize them even at the expense of their freedom.
It is an acidic farce lined with sarcastic gags, gangster lingo, raw argot, and vulgar verbalism - stunning naturalism clashing with whimsical stylization.
T]he very verbalism and idealism of medieval aesthetics expressed the dualistic mentality of the age, its continual tension between the theory of what ought to be the case and the contradictions of life.
But this harmony would be useless without the outward swing (volubility) of Elmslie's verbalism.
One student note termed the Young's Market approach "unpurposive verbalism," and criticized the result for "sanction[ing] the Balkanization of American trade, commerce, and industry.
You could be discouraged by the difficulty in practicing E-Prime in a society where speed matters: Presenting oneself as an expert and authority through verbalism gets rewarded--while indexing one's comments, etc.
We can complement our verbalism with visualization.
But verbalism came a dime a ton the day we took off to cut colored paper.