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One common mistake of brand verbalists is the overly ambitious tendency to define all of a company's characteristics with a single word.
By and large, verbalists and legal empiricists share a healthy contempt for each other.
Mencken joined the crusade against Comstockery, and by the time the dazzling verbalist was through, "the mere mention of Puritanism would be enough to instantly vanquish one's opponent."
Among the nonproducers are the print and electronic media, part of a "verbalist" elite that battens on the hide of the hard-working producers.
These are the instincts that drive the verbalist and theorist, the filmmaker, the philosopher, the magician.
Goldberg makes a common mistake, conflating Burnham's "managerial class" with what Irving Kristol called "the New Class"--the latter consisting not of Burnham's masters of technological organization but of people Burnham dismissed as "verbalists," mere mouthpieces for real power.