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Jules' verbalizations Score / Players' Paul's verbalizations behaviors Here at 0-0, before Set 1 Jules and I are a good beginning, we're The two teams move doubles team.
Once the domain expert agrees with this verbalization, we abstract from the fact instances to the fact types (i.
An inserted timer coupled with the image made it possible to locate the verbalizations in relation to the specific moments of the performance (i.
The ratings for the behaviors in each code were summed to produce scores of teacher positive affect and teacher verbalizations which ranged from zero (0) to 4 for each measure.
Most of his verbalizations contained descriptions of salient parts of possible object referents that fit the configuration of the raised lines, such as (1) buttons for a telephone; (2) the eyes, nose, and mouth for a happy face; (3) the bottleneck for a bottle; and (4) the overall shape of a circle connected to a handle or stick, which Carlo interpreted as a lollypop, rather than as a key.
Patient will be able to attend group when she can sit quietly or is redirectable, doesn't speak over patients/staff, and uses verbalizations that are congruent with the group topic.
The recorder monitors the student's activities within SOLVEIT and acts as an event-capture log, allowing the student and teacher to later replay the activities of a problem solving session, including a transcript of all interactions (questions, verbalizations, etc.
By far the most frequent manifestations of upset that were mentioned spontaneously occurred in verbalizations, mostly in the form of questions .
This claim is based on production data from speakers of English, German, and Algerian Arabic which include retellings of a silent film and verbalizations of short video clips.
Then, if parents wish to be cooperative they may interpret their roles to be elicitors of their child's speech, acting in unnatural ways to stimulate children's verbalizations.
Children with antisocial behavior exhibit a range of aggressive and coercive behaviors some of which include: physical aggression, caustic verbalizations, noncompliance, and criminality.
She looks around, smiles, and begins making verbalizations," he said.