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The relationship between verbalizations and the events described by them constitutes the symbolic function of language (Tonneau, 2001).
The percentage of the verbalizations that belong to one of those three categories varied depending on the problem trigger as follows: 38.
To further explore the nature of the CAs, data were examined to determine the percent of total CAs that were either gestures produced by the child, words or phrases synthetically produced by the speech generating device at the direction of the child, or natural verbalizations uttered by the child.
The main goal of these studies was to increase or decrease the frequency of a target behavior (usually a nonverbal behavior) by reinforcing either the antecedent verbalization or the correspondence between verbal reports and subsequent behavior (Baer et al.
Data sheets were provided for the spouse to record the participant's initiations and responses using the AAC device, as well as any verbalizations that accompanied the use of the device.
Fifteen categories were used: Report request (RRE), Facilitation (FAC), Empathy (EMP), Information (INF), Reflection Request (RRQ), Interpretation (INT), Approval (APR), Disapproval (DIS), Other Verbalizations (TOU), Agreement Gesture (AGT), Disagreement Gesture (DGT), Command Gesture (GMT), and Other Gesture (GOT).
In table 4 we present some of the variable names, derived ORM model and their verbalizations.
Some research has also suggested links between mothers' analogical verbalizations and young children's cognitive development.
Although this study did not measure all of the students' thought processes, the researchers sought to ensure credibility of the qualitative data by transcribing directly from digital audio recordings of students' verbalizations during troubleshooting.
Reinforcement: verbalizations that showed agreement with, acceptance of, and/or admiration for the patient's behavior.
He exhibited good verbal skills, but did not always use his verbalizations in an appropriate social context.