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So, practice how you will verbalize your vision until it truly moves people to action.
If ATC verbalizes leg lengths for either a charted or uncharted holding pattern, the pilot does have to obtain ATC clearance to shorten outbound legs to less than that which has been cleared."
For reasons he can't seem to verbalize, Don spends an evening with a very sexy and emotionally unstable ABC, smoking pot and napping on a hammock.
Mother and social worker of 30 years' experience Barbara Olinger guides viewers to understand the needs of the older child, methods to strengthen and maintain family connections, and common concerns that both parents and firstborn children have (even those too young to clearly verbalize them).
It's part of the actor's process to understand what he's trying to express--to verbalize, and be verbalized to, about what's the drive of the scene, what are we trying to say?
Window-Eyes can be used to verbalize or speak everything on the screen aloud including text, menu, control buttons and other computing commands.
"Although they may be largely unwilling or unable to verbalize them, people's automatic evaluations of their partners predict one of the most important outcomes of their lives- the trajectory of their marital satisfaction," the researchers said.
A pronunciation guide to help verbalize unfamiliar names and places would have been extremely useful.
In FX mode, if or when the student did verbalize, it was while he was firing away.
Verbalize this vernacular in a corporate context to carry out your next company-related conversations.
Most people grumble about it, perhaps either think or verbalize some unflattering remarks about the other driver's ability to operate a motor vehicle, and move on with their day.