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This strategy has three distinct subtypes: (1) affixation with a verbalizer, (2) affixation with a causative/factitive affix, (3) affixation with a distinct loan-verb marker (Wohlgemuth 2009: 94-101).
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, psychologists and education researchers interested in mathematics problem-solving strategies sought to classify problem solvers as belonging to one of three categories: 1) visualizers, who had a preference for holistic approaches involving extensive use of visual methods; 2) nonvisualizers or verbalizers, who had a preference for more verbal approaches; and 3) those who tended to use both visual and nonvisual methods (Burden & Coulson, 1981; Krutetskii, 1976; Richardson, 1977; Lean & Clements, 1981; Presmeg, 1985, 1986; Quinn, 1984; Sheckels & Eliot, 1983; Suwarsono, 1982).
Mean maximum spectral power was nonsignificant for subjects classified as verbalizers, regardless of focal scores, and for all subjects when guessing low-imagery targets.