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VERBAL. Parol; by word of mouth; as verbal agreement; verbal evidence. Not in writing.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The man continued to "verbally abuse" staff until he left the train at Bridgend station.
These are some of the streets where incidents have taken place: Kirklees - On February 3 at 5.20am, while attending a fire alarm at Equilibrium, Lindley, the occupier of the flat became verbally aggressive towards crews.
The former EPD chief was caught on video physically and verbally abusing Santiago after she failed to provide him with a vehicle to bring him to a restaurant in Greenhills where Philippine National Police chief Gen.
A representative of Alex denied she had verbally abused Monteys-Fullam during the incident, to which police were called.
A Police Scotland spokesman said: "A female suspect verbally abused a bus driver near to Renfrew Town Hall on Thursday.
Prosecutors accused him of assaulting, threatening and verbally abusing an on-duty police officer, committing an indecent act in public, using technology to breach others' privacy and consuming alcohol without a licence.
The pair verbally abused the mum and daughter before the mum was dragged off the bus by her hair by the woman, who also dragged the daughter into a bush.
According to a local daily, she is accused of throwing objects at her drivers and verbally abusing them by saying 'Why bother to have a brain if you're not going to use it?' She also fired a driver on the spot for parking in a space she did not like.
Pars chairman Ross McArthur said: "We have verbally agreed a new contract with Allan but it has still to be signed.
British Transport Police have launched an investigation after the driver of a train at Wrexham Station was verbally abused and threatened by a member of the group at around 7.45pm pn Saturday.
The offence of verbally abusing an opponent about their religion, colour, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin carries the sanction of a ban ranging from six to 18 weeks.
Police on Thursday were seeking two Greek Cypriot youths suspected of verbally abusing a Turkish Cypriot basket seller and throwing his merchandise to the ground.