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Putting aside the verbiage, Ms Miller clearly thought that it was OK for the public purse to fund the interest on her second home mortgage to the tune of PS45,000 and for us to suspend disbelief over her claim that her second home was not her family home while using it to permanently house her husband, children and parents and where she spent most of her time away from Parliament.
What you can't see (if you were able to read the verbiage on the stripe along the doors you would know something is different) that this is the Hybrid4all vehicle developed by Valeo (valeo.
Our calling is to insure that a path between the mass of verbiage (I will not dignify some of it by calling it knowledge) and unrevised, unbiased, multiple, 'unpopular' history and scientific information is available.
Useful for writers and public speakers seeking to spice up their craft with quirky verbiage and obscure references, the work is arranged for easy browsing and reference.
This is much food for thought as well as a fair amount of fashionable verbiage.
A toll-free number and the verbiage, "Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone," will appear on each billboard to encourage residents to dial in with tips regarding potential fraud.
Are you looking to create clear and concise verbiage that resonates with your clients?
Let's not leave out John's excellent verbiage on the subject, as we all hope he has possibly found a genre that deserves increased attention in the near future.
The URL address for the article contained the following verbiage that illustrates the true intent behind the question, "Are guns evil or is it our trigger-happy culture?
Re: When and how did the verbiage and acronym "point-of-care testing" (POCT) come to replace the more descriptive terms "near-patient testing" or "bedside testing"?
I fear that they will find themselves as baffled as no doubt the Kirklees Planners are by this mass of verbiage - surely Tesco should be required to present their case in a manner which the public is likely to comprehend?
The document has been given to subgroup chairs to try to generate verbiage that would be acceptable to the membership.