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This is paradoxically balanced by the failure of Peter Sellars' verbose libretto to give Oppenheimer any engaging humanity.
This is a thoughtful, subtle and often powerful production which, despite being too verbose at times, grows more thought-provoking as it builds to its conclusion.
In this poetic picture book a verbose cow describes all the things she loves about her life, which is everything
Of Chesterton's verbose script, he says tactfully, "I could see what Bergman liked about it and why he wanted to create something better.
This is sometimes counter-productive: an ethnobotanist by training, Davis has a scientist's tendency to suffocate the reader with technicalities, and is frequently unnecessarily verbose.
He was locked in a heated debate with one sceptical, verbose Birmingham City fan at the time.
A verbose, descriptive, and often intimate portrait of all the good and bad in a soon-to-be mother's life.
This is clearly a more dignified setting, and perhaps it's time to reclaim these objects from scholars who would prefer aesthetic delights to be prefaced by helpings of verbose texts.
From buying clubs to reduce costs to vendor selection criteria, PURCHASING FOR CHEFS holds many answers without the verbose structure of others.
Unfortunately, many of these tomes are verbose, pompous and filled with jargon.
A meticulously designed production number, the show bore a typically verbose pseudoscientific title--"Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results, and Findings"--and, regardless of its critical or financial success, it packed 'em in like the blockbuster it was.