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To a question as Indian government had alleged Pakistan of involvement in terrorist activities, Basit said inter-state relations were not about verbosity.
Maybe slightly more surprising was the penalty given to Verbosity after landing a nursery at Cork on Saturday.
Bolger's wife, Jackie, then saw her colours carried to victory by Jim Gorman's 7-1 shot Verbosity in the nursery.
The use of phrase 'kante se kanta nikalna' (removing a thorn using another thorn) and supporting terrorism' to teach a lesson to Pakistan should not be taken as a spontaneous overflow of political verbosity but manifestation of a well planned and executed aggressive strategy towards a smaller neighbour.
Our courts are, of course, quite rightly impartial of the body politik, but if George Osborne's vision of a Northern Powerhouse is to be more than just electioneering verbosity, visions such as Durham's are vital.
In other roles we have Alun Jones and Peter Bowron as long-suering manservants and I particularly enjoyed the sing-song Anglican verbosity of Mick McParland as the Rev Canon Chasuble.
If anything, it's the rest of the story that feels flabby and frustrating, the sort of somersaulting verbosity that gets laughs because it sounds clever, not because it's funny.
as Jim After the first hour of endless verbosity, I hoped - in vain as it transpired - that Monahan would rein in the dialogue and let actions speak a hundred words instead.
There are 29 Government senators and Mr Cullinane made the claim after Sinn Fein was accused of being "inebriated by the exuberance of their own verbosity and their own self-importance" by Labour Senator John Whelan.
That eloquence was redefined as verbosity and he has now become subject of fun-poking on Twitter and Russell is the victim of a witch-hunt by the mainstream media.
Patriotism is not a commodity of verbosity imported and then transmuted literally and crammed and rammed into minds without any refining or polishing processes.
Some passages, however -- particularly those that delve deeply into musical reverie or tech talk -- overwhelm in their verbosity and use of jargon, though the author's passion for and knowledge of his subject matter is never in question.