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Some who hovered upon the verge of the strife with Tarzan heard and made good their escape, but a half dozen there were so wrapt in the blood-madness of battle that they failed to note the approach of the giant tusker.
My head fortunately came the right side up, and a few frantic catches brought me to a halt, in the neck of the gully and on the verge of the precipice.
Everywhere below me, from the base of the precipice upon whose very verge I had been unconsciously reposing, the surface of the vale presented a mass of foliage, spread with such rich profusion that it was impossible to determine of what description of trees it consisted.
Cumbria county council requires a contractor(s) to provide an efficient and effective verge maintenance service to permit safe movement of traffic throughout the county and protect the integrity of the road network and ecology of the roadside environment.
Despite the ditch's designation as a Road Verge Nature Reserve, the critically-endangered plant is still often buried under plastic cups from the nearby burger van, and has survived at least one burning car landing on top of it.
Communities are to be asked for ideas to stop the verges becoming unsightly muddy bogs as thoughtless drivers churn up the soil.
The positive answer I gave to Roger Verge then was probably one of the most important decisions I took in my professional career.
North Tyneside has many green open spaces and roadside verges that are havens for plants and wildlife and the council is looking to create more as part of the 'Alan Challenge.
Verge agissait a titre de president suppleant depuis la demission de l'ancien president, Ross Wiseman, en septembre.
THE Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Environment and Sustainable Development has called on local authorities to fully engage with the Welsh Government's Road Verges for Wildflowers initiative to improve rural habitats for pollinators.
In celebration of its fourth anniversary this September, Women on the Verge invites members to introduce themselves and share why the members are Women on the Verge.
Verge said: "If he had been at the end of the barrel of my gun (in 1944) I would have shot him.