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I saw that she was upon the verge of a breakdown, after all that she must have passed through of fear and horror that day, and I tried to quiet and reassure her as best I might; but even to me the future looked most unpromising, for what chance of life had we against the frightful hunters of the night who even now were prowling closer to us?
The country was on the verge of hard times,* caused by a series of prosperous years wherein the difficulty of disposing abroad of the unconsumed surplus had become increasingly difficult.
At first they thought that their prey had put one great foot through the top and then, warned, drawn back; but when they had come to the pit's verge and peered over, their eyes went wide in astonishment, for, quiet and still, at the bottom lay the naked figure of a white giant.
Some who hovered upon the verge of the strife with Tarzan heard and made good their escape, but a half dozen there were so wrapt in the blood-madness of battle that they failed to note the approach of the giant tusker.
Far away on the extreme verge of the alkali plain there rose up a little spray of dust, very slight at first, and hardly to be distinguished from the mists of the distance, but gradually growing higher and broader until it formed a solid, well-defined cloud.
In addition to being IPX rated, the new Edge, Verge and Rock speakers feature:
Let's erect signs to stop nuisance I AGREE entirely with the comment made by a reader from Hall Green regarding the parking and driving of vehicles on grass verges and pavements (Letters, February 25).
COUNCILS in North Wales are being urged to stop cutting grass verges full of wild flowers and protect wildlife, by Shadow Rural Affairs Minister Antoinette Sandbach.
Women on the Verge is the leading website to establish and promote the bond of sisterhood among all of its members.
A PETITION has been launched against a council's "wanton destruction" of grass verges.
Object of these services: mowing of verges WITH DRAINAGE OF THE verge cuttings
11) asked for all grass verges to be removed and replaced with tarmac and gave her reasons as - dogs being allowed to foul it and cars churning it up.