verge upon

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The drift of Milton's argument, leads him to employ language which would appear, at first sight, to verge upon their doctrine ; but it will be seen immediately, that he guards himself against the charge of having adopted one of the most ignorant errors of the dark ages of the church.
Works like these verge upon illustration, a tendency esteemed less today than it once was.
Romantic science could verge upon the weird (phrenology) and the bizarre (animal magnetism).
Some works, such as a quirky book by Thomson that provides suggestions for projects including hanging a dark cloud of balloons over the gallery, verge upon the cloying, but at their best they are, to quote a 1981 Ruscha, 1/2 STARVED, 1/2 CROCKED, 1/2 INSANE.
I would point out that some of your website's claims verge upon promises which you couldn't guarantee.
The poem thus cultivates the human fears relating to sexual deviance and its monstrous repercussions, such as the creation of the Minotaur, the half-human half-beastly creature dwelling both at the center of the labyrinth and at the heart of Ariadne's legend, or the birth of Achilles and Neoptolemus, mortal heroes whose deeds constantly verge upon the worst of abuses and involve the brutal mistr eatment of women.