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001; 'Combined first and fifth year of 5yr age category' is the veridical cross-validation sub-sample.
What, therefore, could the "nature" of this connection be in veridical cases?
From my perceptual experience alone I cannot judge whether it is veridical or not.
This does not, in itself, prove that he would take the experience to be veridical.
Veridical frames are often written in the first person, in the form of direct address by a narrator, editor, or author; truthfulness is claimed or implied.
If we accept that the immediate objects of visual experience are always real entities constitutively dependent on our subjective acts of awareness, then it follows that veridical perceptions, illusions and hallucinations share a fundamental aspect, namely, that as experiences they always suffice for the real existence of their immediate objects.
Since not all truth-appearances are illusory and emotions can be fitted to their objects, it is necessary to discriminate the illusory from the veridical truth-appearances.
Dicacity laid roses In a nose so placid; I revere veridical poses On anises.
I begin with a short outline of Foucault's problematic of truth, turning in the following section to the concept of truth formula and its heuristic use in distinguishing differing types of truth: veridical, governmental, symbolic, and mundane.
Finally, part 5 interrogates the hostility of Blaise Pascal, Antoine Arnauld, and other Jansenists toward the Imago, which came to stand for an exalted practice of allegorical image-making inimical to the desire for veridical images transparent to the truths they represent.
Indow and co-workers have described many features of visual space (Indow, 1991, 1997, 1999), claiming that it extends around the self in three directions (azimuth, elevation, and depth); it is veridical in peripersonal space, that is, its structure is isomorphic to that of physical space; it is dynamic, but stable, in spite of the fact that the perceived scene is captured through multiple glances (Carpenter, 1988), it tends to size and distance constancy; and, finally, both (physical space and visual space) have structures whose relationships can be described by a geometry.