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This may be the case for the argument for the veridicality thesis in Chapter 4 and the thought experiment used to undermine digital ontology.
However, a difficulty arises in combining the three functions assigned to representational contents whereby they: (i) are ways of presentation, (ii) help type-individuate psychological kinds, and (iii) constitute (or are) veridicality conditions (pp.
In the view of these authors, "reality" somehow "impinges" on individuals thereby supplying the prerequisite veridicality to guide the arguer's judgment.
Depression, school performance, and the veridicality of perceived grades and causal attributions.
In other words, though certain experiences might provide strong feelings of certainty, the latter should not be confused with veridicality, which relates to whether the supposed "object" of experience really is the way it appears.
The second instrument--the Family Background Questionnaire ([FBQ], Melchert & Sayger, 1998), addresses the characteristics of the family of origin and was developed following a thorough review of the available instruments for assessing family history (Melchert, 1998)--under the proviso that family of origin instruments assess family of origin memories, but not the veridicality of the memories reported.
10) Whereas it is a particular form of historical realism to address issues of "abuse" from the perspective of their veridicality, here I am concerned (much like King), rather, with what Ken Plummer has called, "sexual stories"--the narration of gender, sex, and what could be constituted as "abuse" specifically, or as "violence" more generally, across both autobiographical and biographical sources.
In a word, consciousness and the body are given together, and if apparent difficulties arise regarding the veridicality of our perceptions of the world, it can only be because we already securely inhabit a world which allows us to entertain such a possibility.
Until the moment Abby awakens, though, we have no reason to doubt that what we had been watching was in any way less real than the rest of the film, and the relational material within each frame suggests the same veridicality.
I will argue that this strategy doesn't provide a satisfactory account of content specification and fails to make sense of the common-sense intuition that the veridicality of our perceptual experiences isn't something fully independent of whether we perceive of not.
Prefaced with a treatment of "auspicious performance" (mangala), it is divided into the following sections: knowing veridicality, production of veridical cognition, characterizing veridical awareness, perceptual presentation of something as other than what it is, characterizing perception, sensory connection, inherence, non-cognition, absence, the connection of the sense object and light, the perceptibility of air, the fiery character of gold, the mind's atomicity, apperception, indeterminate perception, qualifiers versus indicators, and, finally, determinate perception.