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Still, the ultimate significance of the framework will depend on its verifiability and enforceability.
Such marketplaces would deal with the verifiability and reliability issues, just as they do with grading systems for agricultural and petroleum products.
And there is a level of transparency and verifiability in this agreement that will allow the P-5 plus one and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to make assessments about compliance.
995%), and the unlawful disabling of verifiability and transparency features, safeguards, and security features make the 2013 election system more vulnerable to automated fraud and wholesale cheating.
Enlightenment hermeneutics assert that "if Scripture is taken as literally true, it must also be historically verifiable" (12), leaving interpreters with a choice between defending the historical verifiability of Scripture or seeking a "nonhistorical meaning of the scriptural text, separate from its literal meaning, either in existentialism, myth, or religious experience" (12).
The discussion should explain how, from financial statement users' perspectives, the new guidance meets the qualitative characteristics of useful financial information (relevance and faithful representation) and their enhancing characteristics (comparability, verifiability, timeliness, and under-standability).
Philosophers have tried to identify particular signature roles for logic, for verifiability, for falsifiability, for progress, and so on--each abandoned in turn.
In the past, concerns about the verifiability of the Treaty were sometimes given as reasons for not ratifying but today, with the CTBT's billion-dollar, state-of-the-art verification regime almost completely in place, that is no longer an issue.
s skilled hands; however, the verifiability of theological metaphors largely remains contestable and warrants further analysis.
He defends a 'use based rather than truth based' theoretical approach, suggesting that truth is a secondary notion and that the verifiability of a sentence depends on its referent that p (143-65).
Equity, efficiency, adequacy, renewability, appropriateness, risk, peace, cost, employment, flexibility, timely decision-making, and aesthetics direct his evaluation of energy policy; at the same time, current urgency, future adequacy, historical responsibility, existing capacity, political viability, scientific integrity, sectoral comprehensiveness, international integration, resource sharing, economic efficiency, policy transparency, emissions verifiability, political incorruptibility, and implementational subsidiarity guide his assessment of climate change policy.
Accounting firms Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers have also joined the consortium, which could ensure the applicability and verifiability of the standard.