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Consider the implications of this constraint in the case of full verifiability.
They relate to program goals and objectives, program results or accomplishments, comparisons over time, efficiency and effectiveness, reliability, verifiability and understandability.
Each era, as is well known, creates its own standards and methods of "historic truth" based as much on commonly held assumptions about what is important and meaningful in our past as on factual verifiability.
Reliability depends on validity, on verifiability and on neutrality.
The act of ignoring Form 37As should cause the election to be nullified since it fails the test of verifiability contrary to provisions of Article 36 of the constitution," he said.
For a complete lack of accessibility and verifiability as well as a stringent management of the requirements and findings.
The framework, however, did not take the verifiability of results into account.
However, the authors did not provide a formal framework for analyzing verifiability, and their method could only work in a heuristic model, namely random oracle model.
There are a host of vital national security issues at stake here," he said "Even as we pursue that, and do it in a way that demands transparency and verifiability from the Iranians, wo do not let up in our views and positions when it comes to other activities, including the support of terrorist organizations that Iran engages in," Carney said.
That, in itself, I think is also a breakthrough along with the proviso that the MILF will want to decommission in a gradual manner and the decommissioning process will follow a timetable with, of course, guarantees of verifiability, etc.
They also called on states with nuclear weapons to respect the principles of ''transparency, verifiability and irreversibility'' in the process of nuclear disarmament.